Yes, Your Phone’s Covered In Germs, But With This Highly-Rated Sanitizer, You Can Disinfect In Minutes

The truth is, 2020 is the year of disinfecting everything — including your cell phone. Stay healthy and clean with this smartphone UV sanitizer (that also disinfects your case) & is under $100!

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Did you know that your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than your toilet seat? This PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger is an absolute game-changer and it’s on sale for just $63.41. Not only that, but this is a life-changing piece of technology that kills cold and flu viruses.

Find the PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger for $63.41.

You can wash your clothes, but you can’t necessarily wash your iPhone. We tend to store our phones in warm places — which helps bacteria grow, and then it transfers to anything we touch (like food, our skin, or anyone we come in contact with). That’s why PhoneSoap’s UV Smartphone Sanitizer is the safest option to disinfect your phone.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

This amazing deal couldn’t come at a more perfect time since the COVID-19 pandemic is still continuing to spread throughout the globe. PhoneSoap 3 is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges in its case. Additionally, it includes two charging ports, which allows it to act as a universal charger for any device. PhoneSoap uses UVC technology to kill the germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone. with lightbulbs on both the top and the bottom, the PhoneSoap 3 achieves 360-degree disinfection, reaching tiny crevices and other hard-to-reach spaces.

What makes this smartphone sanitizer a real game-changer is its usage time. — It takes just a few minutes to completely sanitize your phone. And, the unit will automatically shut off after 10 minutes, so you never have to worry about the device overheating. You don’t have to worry about missing any call, text, or notification while using this device — because its acoustic audio amplifier allows you to hear alarms and any other sounds.

It has a sleek, non-bulky design with silver hardware and top-of-the-line technology. Not to mention, it can fit comfortably next to your bed, at your office, or even in your kitchen. This PhoneSoap product has a UV sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs, and it fits all smartphones and most case sizes. Therefore, don’t miss out on this amazing deal, and the opportunity to maximize your health and safety!

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