Stay Hydrated With These Top-Selling Smart Water Bottles That Track Your Water Intake

Looking for the best smart water bottle to keep you hydrated 24/7? It's impossible to miss a sip with these six choices, which are all built with special technology that monitors how much water you're actually drinking!

Best Smart Water bottles
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You know what they say — if you’re thirsty, it’s too late. These smart water bottles will ensure that’s never a problem! Just take a look at the list below to see which smart bottle best suits you; some light up with dazzling colors, while others are sleeker and rely on notifications through highly analytical apps. Many of the smart water bottles that we rounded up utilize such apps to inform you how much water is in your bottle, how much you should be drinking, and so forth. Plus, some even do so much as allow you to play music right from your phone to boot! Get glowing skin and a brighter brain with the best smart water bottles below:

1. Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Keep your hydration goals on track with this Hidrate Spark 3 water bottle! It has sensor technology to track your water intake all day long simply by syncing your smartphone to the hydration tracker app via Bluetooth. When this bottle illuminates, you’ll be reminded to drink more water to stay on target with your daily h20 goals. The battery is long-lasting so you won’t have to worry about this awesome, high-functioning water bottle dying quickly. Plus, the app even allows you to track your water bottle incase you’ve misplaced it and are in a rush to bring it along to your fitness class! $60,



2. Letsfit 1 Gallon Water Bottle

For all you gallon-a-day fanatics, this water bottle is for you. The 1-gallon bottle from Letsfit is an Amazon Choice product, and is large, sturdy and clearly marks up to 1 gallon of water to keep your water intake in check. But that’s not what’s most unique about this water bottle – it’s the motivational quotes that are printed along each measurement on the outside of the bottle to keep you going all day long. Bring it along with you wherever you’re headed for the day with the easy-grab handle, so whether you’re hitting the gym or jet-setting on a long flight, you’ll have constant hydration by your side. Choose from any of the five fun and vibrant colors from black to bright pink! $26,


3. Marked 32-oz Glass Water Bottle

If you’re more of a glass bottle kind of person, then this premium glass water bottle is just what you need to stay hydrated daily. The soft, removable straw makes sipping all day easy, ensuring you’ll get the healthy amount of water intake every day.  It’s made of non-toxic and very safe glass, and also has a time marker printed on the exterior to keep you motivated. The one-touch flip cap makes for easy use and refilling, and it’s 100% leak-free. Stay healthy and eco-friendly at the same time!


4. Bellabeat Spring Hydration Smart Tracker Water Bottle

The sleek, almost sexy Bellabeat smart-tracking water bottle is one of a kind. Sync it up to the Bellabeat app for iPhone and Android, and keep track of how much water you’ve consumed in a day. If you’re falling behind on your daily goal, this water bottle will kindly remind you to drink up and stay on track. The app is unique in that it asks for your lifestyle habits and physique, so that it truly can uniquely measure the water intake you should be getting every day. It’s made of glass, is dishwasher safe and has an easy and replaceable battery for your convenience. $71,

5. HYDRA Tech Bottle with Bluetooth

Why not listen to music as you sip your water bottle during a workout? The Hydra Tech water bottle has built-in Bluetooth, which makes for a convenient (and entertaining) feature to your daily water intake routine. The microphone turns the bottle into a completely hands-free speakerphone, so you can use it as a speaker for music, make calls directly through it and so much more! Simply clip it on to a backpack or bag with the attached clip, and take it wherever you go. The built-in power bank is totally safe, and there also are bright flashing lights to indicate when it needs to be charged and when it’s successfully connected to Bluetooth. The reviews on this bottle are super positive, and it makes a fun gift to anyone who loves to workout, play music and dance! $30,


6. ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle

Ok, last but not least, we’ve hit the trifecta with the Icewater smart water bottle. This 3-1, multi-tasking bottle really has it all! It glows with a slow, breathing light to serve as a reminder to keep drinking that h20 all day long. It’s made of non-toxic, odor-free materials, and has a portable, 360° built-in speaker that makes for the perfect sound system: whether you’re headed out for a bike ride, going on a camping trip or whatever! Even place it in your shower to have some tunes while you’re in there – it’s totally safe to use anywhere. Plus, the special resonant design makes for a clear and strong bass sound in all of your music when the bottle is placed on a wooden surface. The built-in 5 colors of lights will even dance to the music you’re playing, all coming from one water bottle! It makes a perfect fun and handy gift for just about anyone. $26,

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