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TikTok-Approved Claw Clip Styles You’ve Never Heard Of

The quirky '90s hair aesthetic is back in style & you can shop fabulous claw clips right here.

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Gen Z and young millennials are getting in on the cool, laid-back ’90s look with claw clips. TikTok’s full of videos with tips for twisting and styling your hair with these hair accents. Hop on over to the platform, and you’ll see these videos have amassed 35 million views.

If you don’t already have one, grab one of these gorgeous matte banana claw clips. These clips are made from tough plastic and have big enough claws to handle all types of hair.

Once you’re set, it’s time to experiment! There’s something for every hair: thick, thin, curly, wavy, or straight – it doesn’t matter. People are getting creative with their hairstyles. While the classic twist-and-clip still works, achieving the effortlessly chic look takes a bit of art. Fortunately for you, The Girl With Hair Clips (@kovessentials) on TikTok has a few recommendations:

French Twist 

A French Twist Hairstyle

French Twist is a Tiktok favorite because it’s very chic and polished-looking. If you love framing your hair with two tendrils of hair on your pony, try this claw-clip style for a change.

  1. Hand-comb your hair into a low ponytail. Use your dominant hand to grab the middle part (where you’re supposed to put your pony) from behind.
  2. Twist your hair until the lower part is tightly coiled. And as you do, with your other hand, smooth out the loose parts so all strands are twisted upward.
  3. Position the twisted base against the middle part of the back of your head. Make sure that it’s tight enough, then secure it with your claw clip.

The Bun

Hair done up in a bun

The only thing better than the classic hair buns are hair buns made with claw clips. The clip itself creates a flattering face-lifting effect no one can resist. Pro Tip: This style works better with longer hair.

  1. Gather your hair in the middle where you want the bun to be positioned. Hold it steady with your dominant hand and twist the loose parts clockwise using the other.
  2. Point the twisted base upward, then twist it into a circular coil to form your bun, starting from the base. Do it again in a clockwise pattern until it’s tight enough.
  3. Leave at least two to three inches of the base and secure it below the bun using your claw clip. 

Tucked Twist 

Tucked twist hairstyle

It’s easy to create a sleek appearance with Tucked Twist. Using your favorite claw clip, this style can easily be your go-to, semi-formal hairdo.

  1. Hold your hair in the middle and twist it from the base. Hold the base up and twist it in two like an upside-down letter U as it gets tighter. 
  2. Further twist the upside-down U clockwise to tuck and hide the end of the base. Clamp them tight together to avoid any loose strands.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the volume, clip that twisted part from one side to another to ensure that it doesn’t fall.

The Pony 

Ponytail secured with claw clip

The Pony is as convenient and as effortless as it sounds. It’s like your typical morning ponytail, but more cute and aesthetic. Pro Tip: This style works better with short, thick hair.

  1. Same with The Bun and the Tucked Twist, hold your hair in a pony and twist your lower base clockwise until it’s rigid enough that no hair strands are missed.
  2. Twist it up and against the back of your head like an upside-down U and clamp the lower part of the U using your claw clip.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the grip of the claw, let go of the loose part and let it sit above the clip. 

Claw clips are once again a classic must-have, thanks to Tiktok. Jump onto the bandwagon and try these quick, easy, and aesthetic hairstyles using the no.1 Best-Selling CENTAR Hair Claw Clips on Amazon.