Get A Full Body Workout On-The-Go With These Amazingly Convenient Pilates Rings

If you are looking for a full-body, strengthening workout that can be done anywhere, continue reading below for some of the best pilates rings that you can shop for right here.

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Working out at home has probably become second nature these days and there is certainly no shortage of exercise equipment and options available to ensure you get the best possible experience. To help round out an already extensive collection, or to change-up an already established exercise routine, we have rounded up some great toning and strengthening pilates rings below. These rings are all lightweight, portable and can easily be thrown in your gym or travel bag to ensure you are always on your exercise game no matter where you go.

1. URBNFit Pilates Toning Ring

Elevate your fitness routine whether you are [back] in a pilates class or in the comfort of your own home with this toning ring. By utilizing the ring’s resistance you can sculpt problem areas like outer and inner thighs, upper arms, abs, and chest. Made from durable fiberglass with a rubber outer sleeve, this ring is also lightweight, portable, and will not bend or crack. $20, 

2. ProBody Pilates Ring

This unbreakable, magical toning device will keep those stubborn areas firm including the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, hips, booty, and neck. This ring is great for both men and women and in addition to toning, it can help develop muscular strength, increase body awareness, improve endurance, balance, and correct posture. This ring is also lightweight, portable, and comes with its own convenient carrying pouch so you never have to be without. $17,

3. YogaAccessories Dual Grip Pilates Ring

Enhance your Pilates workouts with this resistance ring. Similar to our other options, this quality ring will work on strengthening both the thighs and arms and is useful for both home, office, and eventually class use. Use this ring while sitting in any chair, standing or laying down, or while watching TV and watch your muscles tone and tighten. This particular ring is also slightly on the firm side to ensure a more challenging workout. $13,

4. Amazon Basics Pilates Ring

Ideal for pilates and resistance training, this two-pack of pilates bands has two nonslip side handles to help ensure a comfortable and secure position. The band itself is reliable and durable and its bright yellow color makes it easy to find amongst other workout equipment or when buried in your gym bag. $26,

5. AeroPilates Magic Circle With Workout DVD

This steel, foam, and rubber constructed pilates ring is professional-grade and unlike our other options comes with a handy instructional DVD. A versatile way to exercise anywhere, this ring will tone and strengthen your arm, leg, and chest muscles and makes it easy with form-molded grips at each end to fit comfortably against your body. With no extra equipment required, exercises can be done on a mat, reformer, or alone and are travel-ready whenever needed. $26,


6. Wizz Fitness Pilates Ring

This pilates circle loop is great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yoga practitioners and can be easily interchanged between both exercises. Lightweight and portable, the two handles of the ring are padded with soft foam on both the inside and outside that offer a firm grip to ensure a comfortable workout and the ring is the perfect size for any type of fitness, yoga, or pilates workout. $21, 

7. Nayoya Pilates Ring

This pilates toning ring is an ultra-lightweight and portable option for both men and women to help strengthen and tone the arms, shoulders, chest, inner and outer thigh muscles for a full-body workout. Ideal for all fitness levels, the ring can also provide hip comfort to be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation and its dual-sided foam handles make for an easy grip. This ring also weighs less than one pound and comes with a drawstring bag for travel and/or to easily hang on any hook or doorknob. $22, 

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