Easily Clean Your Face With The Best-Selling Makeup Eraser That’s On Sale For Under $20

If you're sick of constantly running out of makeup remover wipes, look no further than the Makeup Eraser which is currently on sale for less than $20!

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makeup eraser
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Spring has officially sprung and if you want to cut back your spending and waste, then look no further than the Makeup Eraser The Original Erase All Makeup With Just Water. The towel is made of 100% polyester and is the easiest and most efficient way to remove all makeup in just one simple swipe. Even better, it’s currently on sale for just $17, which is a steal considering makeup wipes can add up and they’re not reusable.

Get the Makeup Eraser The Original Erase All Makeup With Just Water here for $17!

The towel erases all traces of makeup with just water and it can even remove tough products such as waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and more. The towel measures 15.5 in. x 7.25 in. and comes in the color black, so you don’t have to worry about staining the towel and looking at all the dirt and grime that was removed. It’s safe and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, plus, it can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer – no muss, no fuss!

makeup eraser

There’s a reason why over 7,000 people swear by the Makeup Eraser and it’s because it actually works. One happy customer gushed, “Ok so, I got on amazon late night (the reviews help me sleep what can I say!) to buy some cotton pads and micellear water when I stumbled upon this gem. This has saved me from the endless loop of buying and rebuying product and I now have an environmentally responsible option to take my makeup off at the end of the day. There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than having a clean face when I get under my covers but often times (too many drinks or just being too tired) I do a lazy job and my skin pays the price. NO MORE! I did the cotton ball test to see what was left after cleansing my face with this and there was nothing. It’s a miracle. 30 seconds and I’m out. Serums on and I’m in bed. Buy this thing ASAP- your face and the planet will thank you. Update- this little thing does in fact take off all my makeup and because it does, I wash it out every night w a detergent meant for delicates. I feel gross using it dirty every day so I take an extra precaution to make sure I’m not spreading bacteria to my face.”

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