Get Rid Of Germs On Your Keyboard With This Mini Vacuum For Less Than $20

Maintain a germ-free lifestyle, starting with your keyboard! Defeat dust and bacteria with this handy mini vacuum that's only $20.

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Keyboard Vacuum
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In these unprecedented times, many things are uncertain for all of us. However, one thing that’s absolutely crystal-clear is that living a clean, germ-free lifestyle is an absolute must nowadays! If there’s anything the coronavirus pandemic has reminded many of us of it’s to wash your dang hands, wipe down surfaces with all the Lysol, and, whatever you do, do NOT touch your face. Speaking of touch, our laptops and other electronic devices are things we touch daily – AKA, they’re often covered in germs, which is all the more reason to make sure they stay clean and sanitized. Need something quick and easy to keep dust and bacteria out of your keyboard? Look no further than this hand-held mini vacuum that’ll only set you back $20.

Get the MECO Rechargeable, Cordless Mini Vacuum here for just $20.

Step one foot in the right direction towards a spotless keyboard with this handy mini vacuum. Its portable and handheld size only measures about 8.5 by 5.3 inches, which allows you to carry it around with you if you’re ever on the go. Don’t underestimate it by its small size, though, because the MECO mini vacuum has an all-time powerful suction that’s powered by a 200mAh battery. Both cordless and rechargeable, this little but mighty vacuum will be charged up and ready to clean after 200 minutes of charging.

MECO Rechargeable Mini Vacuum

Say goodbye to annoying dust, hairs, crumbs from work-from-home snacking, and more with the MECO mini vacuum! It comes complete with 2 different vacuum nozzle heads, which help you to reach the smallest, tightest spaces on your keyboard. The flat nozzle sucks up small, pesky pieces of paper and the brush nozzle gets rid of ash and even dust. Plus, thanks to the handheld feature, feel free to use it on more such as a piano, makeup bag to suck up old eyeshadow particles, or even in the crevasses of a car seat.

Cleaning out the MECO mini vacuum is totally hassle-free, thanks to its easy filtering system. All you need to do to empty out the vacuum is simply open the built-in dust collector and remove the filter net. Best of all, the filter net can be washed clean with fresh water and then reused in no time. Live a complete germ and dust-free life with this ultra-efficient mini vacuum! For only $20, it’s just what you need for your work-from-home routine.

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