Get Instant Curls Without Any Damaging Heat With These Curlers For Under $20 

Curling your hair is about to get a whole lot easier and healthier! Shop these heatless curlers for under $20!

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When it comes to curling your own hair, it can seem like a never-ending process. We don’t know about you, but it’s a rare occasion that we actually get the results we envisioned — and that’s because we’re not using the right tools and we’re not the professionals. But, at least we tried.

The days of damaging your hair with hot tools to get the perfect curls are over. These Orgrimmar No Heat Hair Curlers actually work to produce salon-worthy, voluminous curls — without exposing your beloved locks to any heat or hot hair tools. The best part? … They’re just $15 on Amazon, which specifically recommends this curl product.

Orgrimmar No Heat Hair Curlers  


The Orgrimmar curlers are ideal if you’re looking to maintain healthy hair and stay away from hot tools and heat. They’re suitable for all ages and all hair types from thin straight hair to thick hair and even wigs and weaves, according to the brand.

As for what they feel like? — The material of the soft rollers is made up of PET fabric that’s durable and elastic. It doesn’t rip or pull on the hair either. Lastly, these curlers are comfortable and they can be reused. The rods are soft and light enough to sleep comfortably.

We’re not going to lie, there’s a bit of a learning curve with this product — however, the benefits of not using heat on your hair far outweigh a little education on how to use these curlers. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be like second nature. Then, everyone will be asking where and how you got such stunning Kim Kardashian curls. Additionally, Orgrimmar wants you to know that the effect of the curl is determined by the time of the curl, the user’s own hair quality and the amount of curlers used; the less hair per curler, the better the effect. More info in the directions, below:

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