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This Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller With Over 3k Reviews, Relieves Sore Muscles & Is $50

Whether you're always on your feet or sore from sitting too much throughout the day, tight muscles are a pain! Luckily, this cryosphere massage roller could rid you of those kinks & knots for less than $50.

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Cryo Cold Massage Roller
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No matter your lifestyle, it’s totally true that steering clear of sore muscles is no easy feat. Whether you’re an avid runner, CrossFit-er, or just get stiff from sitting at your 9-5 desk job, tight knots and kinks are a part of everyday life. Well,  if we told you you could kick sore muscles to the curb for good, what would you say? This cryosphere cold massage roller works miracles on stiff muscles right at home and could be yours for way less than the cost of going to a cryotherapy spa. Check this out!

Shop the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller here for only $50!

In case you haven’t heard, cryotherapy (AKA “cold therapy”) is one of the latest fads in medical therapy. It’s proven to treat tissue lesions in the body – more commonly known as painful knots and kinks in muscles. There are cryo clinics all over the world nowadays, but of course, a single treatment alone will cost you a pretty penny. Thanks to this cryosphere cold massage roller from Recoup Fitness, the luxury of cryotherapy could be yours right at home! Before use, simply stick it in your freezer for up to 6 hours to ensure it reaches a cold temperature. Before a workout, or first thing in the morning to wake up, use this massage roller to relieve neck, back, or whatever other pain you’re feeling. If you’re traveling for a weekend away from home, the roller is conveniently portable for all traveling and is easy to carry. After a long, uncomfortable flight or car ride, pop the cryo roller in the freezer once reaching your destination, and then enjoy a mini massage session even while you’re on-the-go. It’s perfect!

Traveling, sitting still, and even hyperactivity cause blocks in our circulation. This cold massage roller increases blood flow and mobility to avoid lesions in the muscles regardless of where on the body. Plus, the convenient ball structure makes it easy to get to even those hard-to-reach tight spots. After a long run or a heavy weight-lifting session, reduce inflammation in the muscles with a home cryo session to avoid added soreness and discomfort the next day. The Recoup Fitness cryosphere roller has worked wonders for thousands of people far and wide, and there are solid reviews to prove it. From “AMAZING!!!” to “Great product for treating and icing injuries”, over 3,000 customers have a lot to say about this muscle-relieving miracle. Whether you need a gift for your athletic boyfriend or girlfriend or that friend of yours who’s sitting all day long for work with a hefty side of neck pain, the Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller is the golden ticket for relieving sore muscles. For only $50, get your hands on one of these today – & we guarantee you’ll be thanking us!