Soak Your Aches, Pains & Worries Away With These Luxurious Bath Salts

Up your wellness game while carving out some essential "me" time with these soaking salts.

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The positive effects of bath or soaking salts are lauded by everyone for their wide array of benefits. First and foremost they are amazing at soothing sore muscles after workouts, and can also help to speed up recovery and ease various aches and pains. The best part, however, is that they are a great excuse to take some necessary “me” time to unwind, relax and ease stress while their signature scent options only enhance their effectiveness for an allover aromatherapeutic and spa-like experience. Check out some of our favorite options below to start reaping these benefits.

1. Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak

This variety pack contains three different concentrated bath soaks that contains a powerful blend of essential oils and extracts to relieve different forms of aches and pains. The combination of sea salt and Epsom salts work to draw out impurities and ease tired muscles and are made with ingredients extracted from natural sources.  Included in this set are salts for the relief of stress and tension, aches and pains, and those endless, restless nights. $25,  

2. Spa Luxetique Epsom Salt Soaking Solutions

Available in scents like lavender, vanilla, and coconut, these luxe bath salts will create an aromatic experience that will transport you away from your worries. Made from a blend of Epsom salt, essential oils, and minerals, the lavender essential oil is ideal for relieving stress and anxiety while coconut and vanilla will refresh and relax. Add some of these salts to warm water with the super cute mini spoon that is included, watch it quickly dissolve and step in for an almost out-of-body, spa-like experience. $22, 

3. Herbivore Natural Soaking Bath Salts In Calm

These ultra-chic soaking salts provide the perfect combination of soothing, calming, and relaxation to the mind and body. Made from Himalayan pink salt, this bath salt infuses the bathwater with vitamins and minerals while an aromatherapeutic blend of ylang-ylang and vanilla calm the senses. Suitable for all skin types, these salts will also help to target dryness and arrive in a glass jar that will look great in any bathroom. $18,

4. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath Soaking Solution

This oldie but goodie is a drugstore fave for a reason – it just works. This set of two soaking solutions are made with pure Epsom salt and natural essential oils, both of which will help ease aches and muscle pains while targeting specific areas including relaxing and relief and soothe and sleep. These generous-sized bags also feature a handy velcro enclosure to make resealing quicker and ensure they stay as fresh as possible. $18, 

5. Kneipp Arnica Mineral Bath Salts

Loved by over 1,000 people, these mineral bath salts are perfect for after a workout to soothe your joints and muscles. It’s formulated with the main ingredient of Arnica which gives the salts a delicious scent that helps with aromatherapy and relaxation. Even better, it’s completely vegan and is made without sulfates, paraffin, silicone, or mineral oils. $20,

6. Tree Hut Detoxifying Mediterranean Salt Soak Fig & Olive

Over 3,900 people swear by these bath salts which means they obviously work. They’re made with 100% natural shea butter which helps moisturize the skin while it detoxifies. It’s made in the USA and is free of parabens so you can rest assured you’re putting safe ingredients on your skin. $5,