Can’t Make It To The Salon? This At-Home Waxing Kit Removes Hair In Minutes & Is Under $50

If you haven't been able to get to the salon & you're overdue for your wax appointment, then this waxing kit is perfect for you & it's on sale!

waxing kit
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If you’re in need of a major wax and you haven’t been able to get an appointment at the salon, then you’re in luck because the NaturalRays Waxing Kit is currently on sale for just $46.99. Not only is the kit super affordable, but it also has over 2,700 reviews and it’s because people swear by it.

Get the NaturalRays Waxing Kit here for $46.99.

Included in the kit are a 500ml electric wax heater, three bags of hard wax beads, a wax block, and 20 wax applicator sticks. The wax is gentle on sensitive skin which is a huge plus, and once waxed, your body will be hairless for about three-six weeks. Gentle for sensitive skin, and around 85% to 99% success rate without any side effects.

waxing kit

The wax can be used all over the body and can even be used on your face. The soft wax block is formulated with jasmine for thin hair such as your lip, eyebrows, and face. The hard wax is a lavender formula that’s intended for thick coarse hair and is great for Brazilian, underarms, bikini line, legs, and arms. The wax machine heats up extremely rapidly and has a heat setting of 160℉-240℉. Plus, it has an auto-shut-off mode that stops heating the wax when the temperature reaches 185℉.

Waxes can cost upwards of $60 and more so you are getting an amazing deal with this machine which gives you multiple different waxes for less than half the price.

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