This Alarm Clock With Over 2k Reviews Shakes The Bed To Wake You Up & It’s Under $100

It's time to wake up with this multi-functional alarm clock that has a built-in bed shaker! Customers can't stop raving over this 'incredibly loud' alarm clock that's under $100!

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While sleeping in is a nice treat — that’s exactly what it is — a nice treat! The latter means that a cozy slumber past 7 or 8 a.m. only occurs maybe once a week, on a Saturday or Sunday. With that being said, it’s crucial to have a high-quality, loud alarm clock to ensure that you’re always up on time. Yes, we’re especially talking to the deep sleepers out there, who know the struggles of running out the door with minutes to spare before work or the kids’ soccer practice.

This PPLEE Loud Alarm Clock With A Bed Shaker is almost too good to be true. At just $27, this multi-functional alarm clock has super sound and a built-in shaker  that actually moves the bed to wake you up.

Get the PPLEE Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for $27


While it may be easy to sleep through your standard alarm, this clock is the complete opposite. Its vibrating technology will easily wake you up, and it’s especially an effective alternative for those who struggle with hearing well. This clock features three awake modes: bed shaker; buzzer; and bed shaker plus buzzer. The vibrating shaker alert is a wired vibrator that’s connected to the clock, which you can placed anywhere, so when the alarm goes off, the vibrator won’t disturb others. 

Its 7-inch illuminating large screen is easy to read and features an adjustable dimmer light and volume. The sound levels include low, medium and high, and there’s a full range (0-100%) of brightness so you can customize the display screen to your visual preference.  

This multi-functional alarm clock has a total of seven night light colors so you can make it your own. The best part about this clock is its massive snooze button, because let’s be real — who doesn’t love to hit that button first thing in the morning.  But don’t worry, the alarm will ring every nine minutes after hitting the snooze button, unless you press the “ALARM PAUSE” button.

While it’s outlet-operated, it also includes a battery backup. It requires two AAA batteries (not included), which are used to back-up your time and alarm settings as well as trigger the alarm if there’s a power failure. Therefore, you never have to fear missing your alarm or sleeping in when you have somewhere important to be. 

Customers continue to rave about this clock’s many features, including its dual phone charging ports on the back of the clock. You’ll easily be able to charge your phone overnight and keep it near you for emergencies or calls.

Additionally, it’s super easy to set up. Just hold and press the “HOUR” button to change the 12-hour or 24-hour time format for your convenience. Hold and press the “SET TIME” button to turn on the daylight saving time function. This alarm clock features a 365-day product.

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