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Turn Heads This Halloween With A DIY Anna Delvey Costume

Get more bang for your buck with this costume.

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As they say, life imitates art, but sometimes it’s the other way around – and that’s definitely the case with Halloween costumes. Sure, there are tons of fictional characters you can dress up as, but there are a few pop-culture, real-life icons whose looks you can recreate for the holiday.

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, is a Russian-born con artist who posed as a German heiress in order to defraud New York’s social and financial elite. With a Chanel wardrobe and a taste for the finer things in life, Anna had everyone fooled. For years, she managed to live the high life, conning her way into New York’s social elite. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Sorokin’s lavish lifestyle came crashing down when it was revealed that she was actually a fraud. In the end, Sorokin was sentenced to up to twelve years in prison. But even though she’s behind bars, her story remains captivating – proving that sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

Anna’s story captivated the public imagination, and she has been compared to fictional characters like Jordan Belfort and Patrick Bateman. While her crimes were undoubtedly reprehensible, there is no denying that Anna Sorokin was a master manipulator who knew how to play the game.

The world watched as Anna stood trial; thus, the iconic courtroom look was born. Now, in the spirit of Halloween and all its tricks and treats, you can celebrate by dressing as one of the most-known tricksters of our time. Keep reading for the costume deets.

Pro-tip: You can definitely reuse these pieces in your regular wardrobe throughout the year (separately, of course).

Now it’s your turn to play the part of a wealthy heiress

Madison Avenue Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Buy it on Amazon

One of the most essential parts to Anna’s court look is her glasses. You know, the clear frames with thick black rims that were practically glued to her face? They became so synonymous with her that when she was finally apprehended by the FBI, people joked that she should have been wearing a sign that said “I’m Anna Delvey.”

In addition to showing her impeccable fashion sense, Anna’s glasses served as a kind of mask for her. They helped her to blend in and look like any other wealthy socialite, when in reality she was a con artist who was about to be exposed. In the end, the Anna Delvey glasses will go down in history as yet another tool that she used to con people out of their money.

While Anna’s actual glasses cost a fortune, these $17 Madison Avenue glasses are almost an exact replica — so you won’t need to con your way into owning a pair. If you buy anything from this list, let it be these glasses. You can’t have an accurate Anna Delvey costume without them.

Square Neck Mini Dress: Buy it on Amazon

While attending her court hearing, Anna wore a white dress that caught everyone’s attention. The simple, yet elegant, frock led many to speculate about the meaning behind her choice of attire. Was she trying to send a message of innocence? Or was she simply trying to look fashionable for her day in court? Only Anna knows for sure. But one thing is certain: her fashion sense is as good as her con game.

Known for her flowy, classic dresses, this affordable option from Amazon looks like it’s straight from Anna’s closet. Perfectly duplicate Anna’s courtroom look with without breaking the bank and show up to your next halloween party in this getup. It’s also not too shabby to wear for more formal occasions and comes in a variety of colors if you want to snag one for another occasion.

Obtaom Round Toe Women Flat Shoes: Buy it on Amazon

We can’t forget about footwear. Anna’s flats are another key part of the look. These affordable black, round-toe flats are a spitting image of the ones Anna wears in court while also being a fun, casual option for office wear. Buy these for your next Halloween party and watch as they become your a closet staple year round.

AsherKeep Adjustable Kawaii Choker: Buy it on Amazon

Anna loves her accessories, and for this look, you do too. The black choker is an absolute must for pulling this look together and looks just like the one she wore in court. The necklace features a fashionable plain solid gothic ribbon that adds to its appeal and style, all while being adjustable. Mix and match it or layer it with your other favorite jewelry to add another layer of elegance.

Trick or treat as the greatest trickster

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Halloween costume this year, look no further than Anna Delvey. This socialite scammer is the perfect choice for a costume that will have everyone talking. And it’s easy to put together – all you need is the iconic glasses & a flowy white dress. So get started on your Anna Delvey costume today and be the talk of the party!

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