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Apply Symmetrical and Bold Eyeliner Using the Best Eyeliner Stencils

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A well-done cat or winged eyeliner can take your makeup look to another level by adding glamor to it. As a newbie, you might have tried a variety of hacks to achieve that flawless and symmetrical celebrity eye makeup but ended up creating uneven streaks or spreading the product on your cheeks. However, using one of the top eyeliner stencils in 2022, you can now effortlessly achieve the perfect eyeliner look. They are specially designed to make the challenging eyeliner application easy and simple in a few steps. Besides, regular usage of these stencils will train your hands to eventually draw the perfect wings in one go without any help. So, let's have a look at some top-notch eyeliner stencils of 2024 to know how they can help you get that perfect look each and every time.

Comparing the Top Eyeliner Stencils of 2024 in Detail

Maitys Stencil  —  Best Overall

eyeliner stencil reviews

Key Features

  • Designed to use on an adult’s face
  • Reusable stencils are made from ABS plastic and PVC
  • Reusable eyeliner templates that can be cleaned using water or paper towels
  • Can be used to create ten different types of trendy eyeliners

This stencil kit will help you draw impeccable and bold eyeliner without any professional guidance. It contains 5 sets of two types of cat eyeliner molds—standing cat and squatting cat. Thus, you can create ten different shapes and create a unique look daily. These molds are made from high-quality PVC material, which makes them reusable, skin-friendly, and durable.

Furthermore, it comes with five eyebrow templates that help you shape your eyebrow in 24 different shapes. Thanks to the ABS plastic material, these reusable templates are durable and easy to set on your face. Plus, you can clean all the stencils using regular tap water and store them away to use for next time.

Vertex Stencil  —  Best for Winged Eyeliner

eyeliner stencil reviews

Key Features

  • Provides non-slip grip and can be set near the eye to achieve a sexy wing liner
  • Ideal to use for both over and under the eyelids
  • Compatible with gel-based eyeliner when applied using a pointed angular brush
  • Reusable eyeliner stencil is easy to clean with normal water

If you want to do sexy and meticulous eye makeup in seconds, then this eyeliner plus eyebrow stencil is made for you. Set this eyeliner template near your eye and take a gel-based eyeliner. Now, slowly draw the desired wing style and remove this stencil. Once you are done, darken the line and complete the liner up to the inner corner of your eye. You can also precisely shape the corners of your eyebrows to make them more edgy and stylish. What’s more, the handle or the longer part of this stencil can be used to contour your nose.

Thanks to the A+ material used for making this product, it is suitable for all skin types, vegan, cruelty-free, and long-lasting. It is also designed by expert MUAs, so you’ll get excellent results after using it.

E.L.F. Stencil  —  Easiest to Use

eyeliner stencil reviews

Key Features

  • Vegan and cruelty-free eye makeup tapes
  • Convenient to use and prevent any infections
  • Free from toxic chemicals that can harm the sensitive skin near your eyes
  • Perfect to create bold cat eye winged liner

It often happens that while you are applying eyeliner, it turns out to be uneven or spread under your eyes, ruining your look. To prevent such makeup disasters, use these eye tapes and get a clean and glamorous eye look. It will not allow the spreading of eyeliner or eye shadow around your eyes, giving them a precise and dramatic-edged appearance.

You can also use them while creating a smokey eye look to confine the smoky effect up to your eyes and not spread the eyeshadows on your forehead or cheeks. This pack comes with two sheets of 20 eye taps which make 40 eye stencils in total. Furthermore, they have latex-free and skin-friendly glue, making them safe to stick near your sensitive eye skin.

L'Oreal Paris Stencil  —  Provides Longest-Lasting Application

eyeliner stencil reviews

Key Features

  • Stencil is attached to the lid of the eyeliner so that you can conveniently carry it
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof sketch pen-style liquid eyeliner is easy to apply
  • Comes with 0.02 Fl o.z. of liquid eyeliner

This waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner comes with a sketch pen-like applicator and a specialized stencil attached to its lid. You can remove the mini stencil, set it near your eye, and draw the wing with this top-notch liquid eyeliner. Subsequently, complete the inner eye lining to get the bold, edgy, and symmetrical cat-eye wing-shaped liner.

Since the stencil has a medium-size wing, you can style this look for going into the office or for everyday casual events. Once you master the art of eyeliner application, you can even directly apply the makeup without the stencil. Plus, this waterproof liquid eyeliner lasts for the whole day, even if you accidentally get your face wet.

Beth Bender Beauty Stencil  —  Best for Sensitive Skin

eyeliner stencil reviews

Key Features

  • Talc-free, cruelty-free, and vegan eyeliner stencils
  • Suitable to use with gel, liquid, or powder-based eyeliner or eye shadows
  • Long-lasting stencils that easily adhere with any eye shape
  • Helps create perfect celeb-like makeup within a few minutes

This eyeliner stencils pack comes with two sets of 24 flexible sheets that fit any eye shape. Thus, you can easily create symmetrical and clean eye makeup. Just stick this stencil pad around your eye and fill in the space with desired eyeliner, and voila! You’ll get the flawless, bold, and super trendy cat-winged eyeliner of your dreams. You can also use different eyeshadows to fill in the space to effortlessly create a gradient, rainbow, and many other eyeliner looks. 

What’s more, these stencil sheets and their adhesives are made from hypoallergenic material so that you can use them without worrying about skin allergies. Thanks to the instructions and pro tips cards provided in the package, you can effortlessly use this product to create various celebrity looks.

Buyer's Guide: Find a High-Quality Eyeliner Stencil

This comprehensive buying guide will help you to find the perfect eyeliner stencils so that you can create the most trendy eye makeup anywhere and anytime.

What Are the Different Types of Eyeliner Stencils?

Eye tapes

The eyeliner application becomes convenient when you use eye tap stencils. They are bolstered with skin-friendly adhesives so that you can safely stick them on your skin. Besides, the material used in their manufacturing does not allow the spreading of any cosmetics around your eyes, which is why you can create a clean, precise, and bold eyeliner. You can also experiment with the eyeliner color and use different eyeshadows to create a rainbow theme. However, these eye tapes are not washable and reusable.

Eye molds

Eye molds are also known as eyeliner templates. They are solid eyeliner stencils that can be placed near the eye and used as ruler-like support to draw flawless and symmetrical winged eyeliner. Some of them are also available in various shapes so that you can create the most trendy styles like fishtail style, cat eye, and more. They are also washable and can be reused multiple times to recreate any makeup look.

As you can see, both types of eyeliner stencils are effective and best in their own ways. If you have extremely shaky hands, then it is recommended to go with eye tapes. On the other hand, if you want to create a variety of trendy looks at an affordable cost, select the eye mold or template-type eyeliner stencils.

How to Find a High-Quality Eyeliner Stencil

In order to find the most suitable eyeliner stencil for you, you’ll need to consider some aspects that play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of the product. They are mentioned as follows:

Product compatibility

Some eyeliner stencils are suitable to use only with gel-based eyeliners. Using other liquid-based or powder-based products can ruin the material of such templates. On the other hand, you can find some eyeliner stencils that are compatible with all types of eyeliners, including powder-based or cream-based eye shadows, glittery cosmetics, and more. Don’t forget to check the product compatibility of the eyeliner stencils before making your purchase. 


Most template-type eyeliner stencils are made from high-grade PVC or ABS hard plastic. They are skin-friendly and easy to grip and set near the eyes. You also don’t have to worry about poking your eye, as they typically do not have sharp edges. You can also find eye tapes that are made from flexible and high-quality materials.

Make sure that their glue is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic so that they do not damage your sensitive skin. Furthermore, the product you select should be durable, made from vegan materials, cruelty-free, and should not include any environmentally harmful materials.


Another crucial factor to focus on while purchasing the eyeliner stencil is the quantity. Some packs come with five to ten reusable eyeliner templates in different shapes. On the other hand, there are sets of eyeliner tapes containing 24 to 40 sticky stencils, but they can be used only once. You can also find a single eyeliner template that is easy to carry in any normal makeup pouch while traveling. Make sure to purchase the product that best fits you and what you want.

Trendy shapes

Many eyeliner stencils come with a variety of trendy shapes like a fishtail, cat-eye winged liner, bold dramatic eyeliner, and more. You can also use a few of them to shape your eyebrows and give them an edgy corner look.

In contrast, you can find single shape eyeliner stencils that can make only the subtle winged liner. This type of stencil is suitable for people who do not have trembling hands as they are required to line the corners of the eyes with a free hand. If you want a more subdued look, then a simple but elegant winged eyeliner stencil is good to go.

Instruction card

Some eyeliner stencils come with an instruction card that mentions some tips and tricks to use the products and apply flawless eyeliner within minutes. Hence, if you are a beginner and want to learn the art of eye makeup, consider picking up a product that comes with a detailed guide.


The last but not the least crucial factor to check before buying an eyeliner stencil pack is its manufacturing brand. Cosmetic products manufactured by reputable companies provide better results than other unknown company products. Plus, most of them are skin-friendly and won’t cause any infection.

What Are Some Tips to Create Flawless Eyeliner Using Eyeliner Stencils?

  • Set or stick the eyeliner stencil near your eyes without leaving any crease to apply the eyeliner smoothly.
  • If you are using a solid eyeliner template, then just make a light-handed outline using its support. Darken the outline after removing the stencil to avoid the spreading of eyeliner on it.
  • Purchase a sketch pen-like eyeliner that comes with a stencil already, as it is excellent to use for amateurs because it is easy to hold and draw curves with.

How Much Does a Pack of Eyeliner Stencil Usually Cost?

Since you can find a plethora of cheap eyeliner stencils, finding a top-notch set within your budget can be challenging. Make sure to not fall for the extremely cheap stencils, as many are fake and not manufactured by a reputed brand. We found that quality eyeliner stencils are priced in the range of 7 USD to 16.99 USD. The final price of the product also depends on the type and number of stencils provided in the pack.