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Tisa Farrow: 5 Things to Know About Mia Farrow’s Sister Who Has Died at 72

The 'Rosemary's Baby' star announced that her younger sister had died "in her sleep" at 72. Get to know more about the actress and model here.

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Tisa Farrow has died at 72 years old. Her death was announced by her sister Mia Farrow on Thursday, January 11. The Crimes and Misdemeanors actress, 78, shared a moving post to pay tribute to her late sister on social media. Tisa was the youngest of seven children with three older sisters, including Mia and Prudence Farrow, and three older brothers, including Patrick Joseph Farrow. 

Mia shared an old photo of her younger sister as she shared an emotional tribute to her. “If there is a Heaven, undoubtedly my beautiful sister Tisa is being welcomed there. She was the best of us – i have never met a more generous and loving person. She loved life & never complained. Ever,” she wrote. “She died unexpectedly yesterday morning. Apparently in her sleep. This is a hard time for all of us who admire and love her so deeply.”

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Following the sad news, get to know more about Tisa here.

Tisa Was an Actress

Like her older sister, Tisa also pursued a career as an actress. She made her acting debut in 1970 with Homer, and she appeared in various films for a decade, with her final role being in 1980’s The Last Hunter.  Tisa also notably starred alongside Harvey Keitel in Fingers in 1978. She also made a cameo in her ex-brother-in-law Woody Allen’s film Manhattan. 

She Appeared in ‘Playboy’

Besides acting, Tisa also appeared in the June 1973 issue of PlayboyShe posed semi-nude for the shoot. In the interview, she also opened up about how she often was compared to her sister during her acting career. “I’ve learned to live with the accusation that I get movie parts only because I’m Mia Farrow’s sister,” she told the magazine. “But those who say that don’t know what they’re talking about. People aren’t going to jam box offices to see Mia’s sister.”

Some People Disliked Her Because of Mia

While Mia admitted that she had some difficulty dealing with people saying she was only cast because of her famous sister, she also said that she occasionally had to deal with preconceived notions of the Death on the Nile star in a 1970 New York Times interview. ” spent a long time going around town trying out for commercials, and I didn’t get one. I would always run into some career woman who disliked me right away because she didn’t like my sister Mia,” she said.

She Was Married & Had 2 Kids

Tisa was married to Terry Deane and had two children, but her IMDb profile noted that they divorced. In her tribute, Mia noted that Tisa was also a grandmother, and she said that her son Jason “died in Iraq.” The actress said that her kids and grandson were “the lights of her life.” In the above-mentioned Times interview, she also said that she was a strong believer in marriage. “It’s a contract that makes a lot of sense, really,” she said.

She Later Became a Nurse

After retiring from acting, Tisa pursued a career in the medical field and became an emergency room nurse, per The Hollywood Reporter. In the death announcement, Mia shared that she had worked as a nurse for 27 years.