Roslyn Singleton: 5 Things To Know About The ‘AGT’ Fan Favorite Dead At 39

Roslyn Singleton died in Nov. 2022, about 10 years after she was diagnosed with cancer for the first time. Learn about her life and legacy here.

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Roslyn Singleton
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  • Roslyn Singleton gained famed in 2020 after her husband shared a video of himself serenading her before her brain surgery
  • Roslyn Singleton succumbed to brain cancer at the age of 39 in Nov. 2022
  • Roslyn served in the United States Navy and owned a business based on her faith

Roslyn Singleton, known for appearing on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, died on Tuesday, Nov. 15 after undergoing several rounds of brain cancer treatment. She was 39 years old. “WELL DONE!! Our wife earned her wings yesterday while peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be,” her husband, Ray Singleton, who auditioned for AGT, wrote in an Instagram post confirming her death. “This road ahead is going to be INCREDIBLY long & difficult!”

“She taught us all SOMETHING…She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad!” he continued. “Now we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT! She will LIVE FOREVER!! #LongLiveRos”.

Roslyn Singleton
Roslyn and Ray Singleton chat with Ellen DeGeneres (Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

The couple rose to fame in 2020 after Ray shared a video of himself singing Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” to Roslyn before she underwent brain surgery.  The video went viral, landing the couple a spot on Ellen. After that, Ray auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Read on to learn five things about Roslyn Singleton and her history with brain cancer.

Roslyn Died Nearly 10 Years After She Was Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

While on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020, Roslyn revealed that she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013 and underwent brain surgery to remove her tumor that same year. “It was Stage 3 the first time and the tumor was the size of an orange,” she explained. Luckily, she went into remission for six years and described herself as “perfectly healthy.” Sadly, in 2020, her tumor came back in the same place. They caught it when it was the size of a “half-dollar” and she immediately underwent surgery. Once the tumor was removed, she began her cancer treatments.

While on the show, Ellen DeGeneres, now 64, admired Roslyn’s positive attitude. “I have this attitude because I feel personally that god gives battles to certain people just to let other people know that it’s gonna be okay,” she proudly stated. “And I’m not gonna lie and say, ‘Brain cancer is a breeze.’ It’s not. But positive prayer, positive people,” she continued, before getting emotional.

Roslyn Was Recognized For Her Service In The Navy

Roslyn, who was based out of North Carolina with Ray, was a Navy veteran. She was recognized by Pruitt Home Health in Nov. 2022 for her service when she was in hospice care and was given a certificate of honor, which Ray read in an Instagram video at the time. “We are gathered here today to honor you for your service to our country. We thank you for the sacrifices you have made, the hardships you have endured, and your willingness to risk your life in order to maintain your freedom,” the certificate read.

“We pay special tribute to you for our military service for the United States of America and for advancing the hope of freedom and liberty for all,” it continued. “It is an honor and privilege to present you with the Veterans Recognition Pin. When you see this pin, please know that your service to the nation is deeply appreciated. We thank you and we salute you.”

Roslyn And Ray Were Featured On Oprah’s OWN Network

Roslyn and Ray shared their inspirational story on a 2022 episode of OWN’s Black Love docuseries. Ray explained that while it is not easy to see his partner go through cancer treatments, he is proud of how well she did through her cancer journey. “It was difficult, the journey, and it’s still difficult because we’re talking about cancer. And a rare form of cancer of the brain and you don’t want to see the love of your life go to the doctor for a broken ankle, much less getting her head cut open,” he explained. “I knew I had to do whatever, whatever I could. I knew I couldn’t take the pain away.”

“This is God’s Angel, man,” he continued, wiping away tears from his eyes. “Some people don’t make it through one brain surgery. She’s made it through four, and look at her.”

Roslyn And Ray Had Their Own Business

The former Navy and her supportive husband’s goal in life was to encourage others to “love without limits”. They created their business, Eleven-Oh-Four, to help them do so. According to its website, the name reflected their wedding date: Nov. 4, 2018. “Ray and Ros hope to continue to inspire people through their unwavering faith in GOD and the positive energy they embody daily,” their website says. The couple sold tees, sweatshirts, hats, and music.

Roslyn And Ray’s Secret To Marriage

Roslyn said that her rule for a happy marriage is for each partner to fulfill their own happiness without the help of the other. “Ray has his happiness. I have my happiness, but he can add abundantly to my happiness. But I should not depend on Ray to make me happy,” she stated on the Black Love after show in Aug. 2022.

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