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Reilly Smedley: 5 Things To Know About The Bartender Competing On ‘Big Brother’

Reilly Smedley has a bubbly personality that's going to help her excel at 'Big Brother.' Here's everything you need to know about Reilly.

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Reilly Smedley
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  • Reilly Smedley is a contestant on Big Brother 25.
  • Reilly is a bartender.
  • She lives in Nashville.

Reilly Smedley has what it takes to win Big Brother. Reilly moved into the house with the other season 25 houseguests on premiere night and performed well enough in the competition to avoid being one of the first four nominees. Reilly plans to use her larger-than-life personality to charm the other houseguests and win the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Reilly now that Big Brother 25 is underway.

Reilly Smedley
Reilly Smedley (Photo: CBS)

Reilly is a bartender.

Reilly works as a bartender, which explains her social personality. She explained on the Big Brother premiere that most people have “misconceptions” about Reilly when they meet her.

Reilly lives in Nashville.

Reilly lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she bartends. Her hometown is Portland, Oregon, according to her bio. Reilly’s fellow houseguest Red Utley is also from Tennessee.

Reilly is single.

Reilly confirmed that she’s single — and maybe ready to mingle — during the Big Brother premiere. “I’m not looking, but if I happen to glance at a tall, brunette, muscular man, I would struggle to not glance at him,” she said to production.

Reilly’s dad passed away.

Reilly revealed on the first episode that her dad died of a “super rare cancer” on her 14th birthday. Reilly said she wants to play the game and win for her dad. “I want my dad to be proud of me. I want my dad to look down and be like, ‘You go girl,’ ” she said.

Reilly celebrated her birthday on Big Brother.

Reilly turned 24 years old on August 2 — the same day as the Big Brother 25 premiere on CBS. As a longtime BB fan, Reilly got the greatest birthday gift ever by being cast on her favorite reality show.