Rachel Mac: 5 Things To Know About The 15-Year-Old Standout On ‘The Voice’

Rachel Mac is a frontrunner of 'The Voice' season 20. As the show nears the finals, here are 5 key things to know about this 15-year-old star.

The competition is heating up on The Voice, and Rachel Mac is one of season 20’s undeniable standouts. The singer is just 15 years old and has consistently wowed the coaches ever since her blind audition. Rachel will take the stage again in hopes of making it to the season 20 finale.

So, who is Rachel Mac? The singer is going to be one to keep your eye on long after The Voice is over. From her family to her friendship with a Voice contestant, here’s what you should know about Rachel.

Rachel Mac
Rachel Mac on ‘The Voice.’ (NBC)

1. Rachel is on Team Nick.

Rachel performed a beautiful rendition of “Let Him Fly” by Patty Griffin for her blind audition. Nick Jonas was the only coach to turn his chair for Rachel. Nick said that “right off the bat” he knew she sang in theater. Because he started out in theater as well, Nick told Rachel that they could “work together” really well.

2. She’s still in high school!

Rachel lives in Romeo, Michigan, where she is a sophomore in high school. She stays busy in school. She participates in theater, marching band, and choir.

Rachel Mac
Rachel Mac is part of the top 9. (NBC)

3. Rachel was raised by a single dad. 

Rachel’s father was by her side at her blind audition. She is very close to her father. Rachel’s dad raised her and her sisters after her mom left them. “My parents got divorced when I was 4,” Rachel told MLive.com. “My relationship with my mom is great, but my dad raised three girls. In 5th grade, my dad got re-married. They were married for about two years and one day we came home and the house was completely empty. She took everything and left. I love my dad and it wasn’t easy to see him get hurt like that.”

4. She’s a huge fan of Blake Shelton.

After her blind audition performance, she totally freaked out about Blake Shelton sitting right in front of her. “I love Blake Shelton so much,” she said. Rachel admitted that she made a presentation “all about Blake Shelton” when she was in 5th grade. Blake regretted not turning his chair for her and said she made his week.

5. Rachel is friends with fellow ‘Voice’ contestant Zae Romeo.

On May 5, Rachel posted a sweet birthday message in honor of Zae Romeo’s birthday. “Isaiah has completely made my year and I’m sure he’s done the same with thousands more,” Rachel wrote on Instagram. “I hope you have the BEST day and week and month and year because you deserve it.” Zae made the top 17, but he was eliminated as the show dwindled down to the top 9.

On April 26, Zae raved over Rachel on Instagram. “@rachelmac you have been inspiring to me,” he wrote. “The growth that you have shown is unbelievable, I’ll say it now and I’ll say again many times. I have always told you that you were a star. It’s time to go show the world that you are.”

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