Lea Kyle: 5 Things To Know About The French Quick-Change Artist Who Is An ‘AGT’ Finalist

Léa Kyle is one of the 10 finalists competing to win 'AGT' season 16. This French quick-change artist is truly one of a kind. Here's what you need to know about her.

Léa Kyle has one last chance to prove to America she’s worthy of winning America’s Got Talent season 16. Over the course of the season, Léa has dazzled the judges and fans with her quick-change routines. She’ll be taking the stage once again during the two-night finale event starting on September 14.

So, who is Léa Kyle? She is definitely one of the most unique AGT acts ever. From her Golden Buzzer win to past prizes, here’s what you should know about Léa!

Léa Kyle
Léa Kyle after receiving the Golden Buzzer. (NBC)

1. Léa got Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer. 

Léa auditioned for America’s Got Talent during the June 29 episode. She left the judges stunned with her act. Howie Mandel said he had “never seen” a better quick-change artist than Léa. Simon Cowell commended her “amazing showmanship.” But it was Heidi Klum who took things to a new level. She pressed her Golden Buzzer for Léa, sending her straight into the live shows!

2. Léa is from France. 

Léa hails from Bordeaux, France. She was declared the French Champion of Magic in 2019. She has shown off her quick-change talents all over France before coming on AGT.

3. Léa has won several prizes for her talents. 

Her first magic contest was in 2018 at the Villebarou International Festival and she won, according to her official website. “It was from that day that she was able to make a living from her passion and that she became a professional magician,” her website reads.” She discovered magic through her companion Florian Sainvet, who is also a professional magician. In addition to her Villebarou win and becoming the French Champion of Magic, she also received the Audience Award Championship of France.

4. She has appeared on other talent shows.

Before America’s Got Talent, Léa appeared on France’s Got Talent during its 15th season. She also appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us during season 7.

Léa Kyle
Léa Kyle during one of her performances. (NBC)

5. She loves sewing.

She’s very “passionate” about sewing. Léa took a year-long training course in Haute Couture in Bordeaux. No wonder her costumes are so gorgeous!

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