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Kaya Stewart: 5 Things About Dave Stewart’s Daughter Who Suddenly Left ‘Idol’

Kaya Stewart's 'American Idol' journey has come to an end. Here's what you should know about the talented singer, her 'Idol' departure, and her famous dad.

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Kaya Stewart
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  • Kaya auditioned for American Idol season 21.
  • Kaya is Dave Stewart’s daughter.
  • Kaya exited the show during the Duets round.

Kaya Stewart was one of the bright stars of the American Idol season 21 auditions. She returned for Hollywood Week and was paired with Fire for the Duets round. However, Kaya decided to leave the show ahead of their performance.

So, who is Kaya Stewart? She’s already showcased her incredible talent and has been mentored by another famous musician. Get to know this 23-year-old rising star.

Kaya Stewart
Kaya Stewart with dad Dave Stewart on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

1. Kaya is Dave Stewart’s daughter.

Kaya is one of Dave’s four children. Dave is best known for being part of the pop duo group Eurythmics with Annie Lennox. The duo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2022. Dave has also written and produced for Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, and more.

2. Kaya left American Idol during Hollywood Week.

After being joined by her dad during the Idol audition, Kaya headed to Hollywood for the Hollywood Week rounds. She paired up with Fire for a duet, but things took a turn for the worse. Leading up to their performance, Kaya began to feel sick. When Kaya and Fire took the stage, Kaya told the judges that she wasn’t going to perform because she was feeling sick.

Katy Perry asked Kaya if she was staying in the competition. “So, me not performing means I’m no longer going to be in the competition,” Kaya said. She teared up and walked off the stage.

3. Kaya has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Kaya was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic, she revealed to Hashtag Magazine. Her diagnosis led to the creation of her latest album.

“It was the weirdest time of my life because I had this life-changing diagnosis that explained so much for me,” she told the outlet. “I wasn’t planning on making an album; I was actually thinking of taking a break for a little while. I called my dad, and he said, ‘Why don’t you just come to Nashville and record a couple of songs?’ By the time I left, we had If Things Go South. I was able to be myself in the studio. The album is the most honest thing I’ve ever done.”

Kaya Stewart
Kaya Stewart singing during her ‘American Idol’ audition. (ABC)

4. Kaya has released original music.

The 23-year-old released her self-titled studio album in 2016. She dropped the EP Miss Kaya in 2021. Kaya released the 10-song album If Things Go South in 2022.

5. Kaya has been mentored by Annie Lennox.

Back in 2015, Kaya revealed to All Access Music that watching her dad and Annie “play live always inspired me. She was and still is such an incredible frontwoman.” Kaya has always been drawn to how “passionate” Annie is as a performer.