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Jess King: 5 Things About The Peloton Instructor In ‘And Just Like That…’

Mr. Big's Peloton instructor on the 'Sex and the City' reboot had a pivotal role in the series premiere. Learn all about Jess King here!

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Jess King
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And Just Like That… debuted on December 9 with two episodes and fans were shocked to discover a devastating twist. In the premiere of the Sex and the City reboot, Sarah Jessica Parker’s beloved character Carrie Bradshaw comes home from Lily’s piano recital to find the love of her life, John James “Mr. Big” Preston (Chris Noth), dying on their bathroom floor from an apparent heart attack. Getting one last look as his beautiful wife, Mr. Big passes away in Carrie’s arms.

Although the two had planned to be on their way to the Hamptons that fateful evening, Carrie chose last minute to support her friend Charlotte’s daughter at the music school instead. With his night free, Mr. Big joked to Carrie that he was going to have a date with Allegra, his sexy Peloton instructor. After his virtual ride with Allegra, Mr. Big collapses and suffers the heart attack. Now fans are wondering who played the pivotal role of Allegra. Find out all about Jess King here.

Jess King
Jess King played Allegra, Mr. Big’s Peloton instructor in the premiere of ‘And Just Like That…’ (HBO)

Jess Grew Up In The South

Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Jess moved around the country to find jobs that would fit her diverse interests, including dance and acting, per The New York Post. “With a background in dance, performance and fitness, Jess grew up down South and moved to NYC to commit to a career in wellness,” reads her Peloton biography.

Her Mother Was A Professional Bodybuilder

Fitness runs in the family for Jess! Her mother, Ximena Bernales, became a professional bodybuilder. “I grew up watching my mom in the physical fitness space. She was an aerobics instructor throughout the ’90s and later started personal training and bodybuilding before eventually opening her own gym, “she revealed to Self.  “I grew up with an immigrant mother from Chile, and she really taught me work ethic, discipline, and drive, as well as to pursue excellence.”

Jess Was A Contestant On So You Think You Can Dance

The fitness guru competed on the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance, making it all the way to the Top Ten. She also used her dancing abilities in a huge Vegas production. “Before I made the transition into the fitness industry for myself, I had an abundant career in dance that started on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. I toured the world teaching and performing and was the lead role in a Cirque du Soleil production in Las Vegas,” she told The Path. 

She Auditioned For Broadway

Before she worked in fitness training, Jess tried her luck on the Great White Way — but it ended up being quite the negative experience. “In 2014, I was flat broke in a very dark chapter of my life: I was living in New York City, auditioning for Broadway, and not getting gigs,” she told Self. “I had promised myself a year of “yes,” in which I was going to take any opportunity to meet people, network, and make money—anything to get me out of the space that I was in and to just grow.”

Jess Has A Fiancée 

Jess is happily engaged to Sophia Urista, a performer and singer. When the two aren’t on the stage, the cute couple love spending time in the kitchen together. “She’s half Mexican, so a lot of our recipes come from our families,” Jess explained to Self. “We’re always cooking some version of tacos or enchiladas or arroz. It’s very heavily influenced by our Latin culture.” Jess also told the outlet she is proud to be an “openly LGBTQ+ female member” on the Peloton team.