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Jeanick Fournier: 5 Things To Know About The Canadian Singer Competing On ‘AGT: All-Stars’

Jeanick Fournier is going to be one to watch this season on 'AGT: All-Stars.' Get to know this incredible singer who has been a 'Got Talent' champion before.

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Jeanick Fournier
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  • Jeanick is competing to win AGT: All-Stars.
  • Jeanick is from Canada.
  • Jeanick won Canada’s Got Talent.

Some of the best contestants from the Got Talent franchise will be going head-to-head on AGT: All-Stars. Jeanick Fournier is one of the contestants. The 50-year-old Canadian singer from Quebec has traveled to Los Angeles to compete for a new crown.

So, who is Jeanick Fournier? Her story is such an inspiration. From her time on Canada’s Got Talent to her family, here’s everything you need to know about Jeanick.

Jeanick Fournier
Jeanick Fournier on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

1. Jeanick was a previous winner of Canada’s Got Talent.

Jeanick won the second season of Canada’s Got Talent, which premiered in March 2022. She auditioned for the show with a stunning rendition of Celine Dion’s “I Surrender” and got the Golden Buzzer from host Lindsay Ell.

2. Jeanick works in the medical field.

Jeanick has spent years working as a palliative care worker. “I like taking care of people,” Jeanick told the Montreal Gazette. “The thing that ties the two jobs together is that they’re both about giving, about sharing. On the one hand, I hear confessions from people who’re at the very end of their lives. As an attendant, I give people baths and people at the end of their lives, they’re not there to tell lies. They’re in full truth mode. Often they confide in us, maybe more than with their family because they don’t want to hurt people in their family.”

3. Jeanick has two kids.

Jeanick is the mother to two adopted special needs children: Yohan and Emma. They both have Down syndrome. “They have so much love in their heart, and they help me to stay in the moment,” Jeanick gushed in her audition video for Canada’s Got Talent.

4. Jeanick recently released her debut album.

After winning Canada’s Got Talent, Jeanick got a record deal with Universal Music Canada. Her self-titled debut album was released on October 7, 2022.

Jeanick Fournier
Jeanick Fournier singing on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

5. Jeanick is known for her Celine Dion tribute show.

Celine has always been a musical influence. Jeanick frequently performs Celine’s songs. The two singers met at a concert at the Centre Vidéotron. “I always admired her as a woman,” Jeanick told the Montreal Gazette. “She has an extraordinary discipline when it comes to work. She’s a real performer. Then there’s the human side, her focus on the family. That always really touched me, as did the way she sings. She’s an inspiration.”