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Jake O’Kane: Meet the Attorney Who Made it to the ‘Survivor 45’ Finale

Meet Jake O'Kane, the Boston native who is one of three attorneys still in the running to win season 45 of 'Survivor.'

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Jake O'Kane
Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Jake O’Kane has experienced major highs and lows on Survivor season 45. The 27-year-old seemed to be a dead man walking at the final ten vote, but after the majority of the tribe decided to blindside Kellie Nalbandian, Jake got a new lease on life in the game. He’s managed to avoid getting eliminated heading into the final episode and he even has a Hidden Immunity Idol that nobody knows about. If he makes it to the final three, Jake’s underdog story could be rewarded by the jury on the December 20 finale.

Here is everything you need to know about Jake.

Jake is an attorney.

Jake became an attorney not long before he did Survivor. He’s one of three attorneys on the season 45 cast; the others are Katurah Topps and Julie Alley.

Jake teaches theatre.

Jake told Parade he did theater his whole life until he had to focus on law school. However, Jake’s old theater director reached out to him to help him revive her theatre program post-COVID, which he agreed to do. Unfortunately, Jake shared that he had to miss most of the show he was working on because of Survivor.

Jake O'Kane
Jake O’Kane at the Survivor Auction (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

Jake is from Boston.

You can’t not hear Jake’s Boston accent on the show. He’s from Hanson, Massachusetts but currently lives in Boston, according to his CBS bio.

Jake had a binge-eating problem.

On the October 25 episode of Survivor 45, Jake got emotional while revealing that he overcame a binge-eating before the show. “I know there’s a lot of people out there who do that and they just don’t talk about it and they try to ignore their problems. But you’ve got to face them,” he said.

Jake lives with his grandmother.

Jake revealed he lives with his 85-year-old grandmother in the preview for Survivor 45. “Probably shouldn’t have said her age,” Jake said with a laugh. Later in the preview, Jake declared that he’s “moving out of grandma’s house” if he wins the $1 million prize.

On the day of the season 45 premiere in September, Jake posted a cute selfie with his grandmother where they both wore buffs from the show on their heads.