Hudson Madsen: 5 Things To Know About Michael’s Son, 26, Dead By Suspected Suicide

The young son of 'Reservoir Dogs' star Michael Madsen is dead, leaving his family 'overwhelmed with grief.' Here's what we know about the late Hudson Madsen.

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Michael Madsen’s son, Hudson Madsen, 26, died on Monday (Jan. 24) in a “suspected suicide,” according to The Sun. The child of the Kill Bill actor was found dead from “a gunshot wound to the head” on the Hawaiian island of Ohau, according to The Sun’s statement from the Department of the Medical Examiner in Honolulu. Though the department said it was a “suspected” suicide, it did not confirm that Hudson took his own life. ‘

His death left his family in shock. “We are heartbroken and overwhelmed with grief and pain at the loss of Hudson [Madsen],” a representative for Michael Madsen said in a statement to Metro. “His memory and light will be remembered by all who knew and loved him. We ask for privacy and respect during this difficult time. Thank you.” As the family mourns this unthinkable tragedy, here’s what we know about Hudson.

Michael with his sons, including Hudson, in 2007 (Shutterstock)

1. Hudson Was The Son Of Michael & DeAnna Madsen

Hudson was one of Michael’s many children. Michael, 64, married DeAnna Madsen (née Morgan), 61, in 1996, and together, they have three sons: Hudson, Calvin, 25, and Luke, 16. DeAnna is also an actress, best known for her role as Ginny in The Prince of Air. Michael also has two children – sons Christian, 31, and Max, 27 – from his ex, Jeannine Bisignano. DeAnna also has one son – Cody — with her former husband, Brian Setzer.

2. Quentin Tarantino Is His Godfather 

Michael Madsen has appeared in films like Thelma & Louise, Donnie Brasco, and Vice, but he’s known for his work with Quentin Tarantino. In addition to appearing in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill, Madsen and Tarantino worked together on Sin City, The Hateful Eight, and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Quentin is godfather to three of Michael’s sons, including Hudson, according to IMDB.

3. Hudson Was Married

Hudson’s Facebook profile listed that he lived in Wahiawa, Hawaii, per Page Six. It also stated that he was married in 2018 and that his wife’s name was Carlie. Hudson met Carlie in 2017, and he proposed to her that year, according to social media posts (per Daily Mail). The couple tied the knot in 2018, but soon afterward, he was deployed overseas. Hudson and Carlie had an “official” wedding in June 2019 at the Cheyenne Mountain state park in Colorado, “even though we had been married for a year and half already at that point,” Carlie reportedly wrote on Instagram.

The couple were reportedly trying to have a family but needed to undergo IVF, per Daily Mail.

4. He Served In The Army

Hudson was based at the Schofield Barracks in Oahu, home to the 25th Infantry Division, according to Daily Mail. After marrying Carlie in 2018, he reportedly did a tour of Afghanistan. He was apparently deployed again in 2020 on a five-month tour of duty.

5. His Wife Dealt With Health Issues

Carlie gave love to Hudson in a Jan. 15 Instagram post, per Daily Mail. The young woman was undergoing surgery to have a tumor removed from one of her breasts. “I just want to give a shout-out to my amazing husband,” she reportedly wrote on Instagram. “He was and has been so patient throughout this whole process. We were at the hospital for about [seven] hours yesterday, and while I was in surgery, he went to Target and got me flowers, comfy pajamas, my favorite candy, and a card! He’s also been amazing in helping with my recovery, and I’m just so thankful!”


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