Evelyn Cormier: 5 Things To Know About The ’90 Day Fiance’ Alum On ‘American Idol’

Evelyn Cormier is one of the 'American Idol' contestants to watch this season. Her one-of-a-kind voice has impressed the judges each and every time she's performed.

Evelyn Cormier, 19, will be hitting the stage once again for the celebrity duets edition of American Idol on April 8. Evelyn has quickly become a fan favorite over the course of season 17. Many believe she’ll make it far in the competition. Evelyn has made the top 20 and now she’s hoping to make it to the top 14. Evelyn is no stranger to reality shows, that’s for sure.

1. Before American Idol, Evelyn appeared on 90 Day FianceEvelyn was a main cast member during season 5 of 90 Day Fiance. That season chronicled her relationship with David Vázquez Zermeño, who hails from Spain. They met via Facebook. The couple got married when Evelyn was 18. When Evelyn auditioned for Idol, she revealed to the judges that she had recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with David.

2. Evelyn performed a stunning rendition of “Wicked Game” for her auditionShe dazzled the judges while playing the guitar and showing off her vocals. Katy Perry was completely entranced with Evelyn’s performance and said she has “literally one of my favorite voices.” Needless to say, she got a golden ticket to Hollywood.

3. She has been in a family band as well. Evelyn posted a sweet throwback post to her first band. “I was 14 years old and had been writing songs and playing guitar for a little over a year. I so desired to be in a band and to be able to stretch my wings and learn,” Evelyn wrote on Instagram. “These guys believed in me—they gave freely of their time on a weekly basis. They learned my songs and played for me as I sang. When I think back now, what an amazing opportunity! I will forever be grateful to Scott—on the drums, Steven—on the electric guitar, Troy—on the bass, and of course Solomon on the keys and my dad on the acoustic guitar.”

4. Evelyn has already released an EP and multiple singles. Evelyn dropped her first EP, Ghost, in 2017. She has also released a total of 6 singles.

5. She’ll be singing with Chris Isaak for her celebrity duet. In a full circle moment, Evelyn’s celebrity duet will be with Chris Isaak, the singer whose song Evelyn performed in her initial audition.

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