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Dan Marshall: 5 Things To Know About The ‘American Idol’ Country Singer

Dan Marshall is one of the country crooners in the top 14 on 'American Idol.' Learn more about this rising country star.

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American Idol season 20 has assembled quite the roster of talent. Dan Marshall is just one of the top 14 looking to become the next American Idol champion. The 24-year-old may be new to performing for an audience, but he’s a total natural on stage.

So, who is Dan Marshall? He hails from Virginia and was an athlete at one of the state’s top universities. HollywoodLife has 5 things you need to know about his personal life and more as American Idol continues.

Dan Marshall
Dan Marshall during one of the ‘American Idol’ live shows. (ABC)

1. Dan is a former college football player.

Dan played football for 4 years at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was a linebacker for the team and was recruited as a walk-on. “Football has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was 5 years old,” Dan said in his audition. While at Virginia Tech, Dan majored in agribusiness.

2. Dan only recently started performing.

When he auditioned for American Idol, Dan revealed that he only started performing 5 or 6 months ago. Prior to American Idol, he’d only done in 4 or 5 performing gigs. However, Dan admitted that he’d been singing since he was a child. He can play the guitar and the piano.

3. Dan comes from a military family.

Dan’s father worked for the Marines. His father is a retired colonel. One of Dan’s older brothers is now a lieutenant in the Marines.

4. Dan Marshall is his stage name.

Dan goes by “Dan Marshall” on American Idol. His full name is “Daniel Marshall Griffith.” On social media, Dan goes by his stage name of “Dan Marshall.”

Dan Marshall
Dan Marshall during his ‘American Idol’ audition. (ABC)

5. Dan is in a relationship. 

Dan is currently dating Allyson Brown. He recently posted a sweet message to Allyson in honor of Valentine’s Day. “Happy Valentine’s Day to partner in crime and the LOML… here’s too many many more, I love you!” he wrote on Instagram. They both frequently post about their relationship on Instagram.