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Brandon Smiley: 5 Things To Know About Rickey Smiley’s Son Who Has Died At 32

Radio host Rickey Smiley asked for prayers after revealing that his oldest son, Brandon Smiley, passed away. Find out more about Brandon here.

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  • Brandon Smiley was radio host Rickey Smiley’s oldest son.
  • Brandon died on January 29, 2023 at the age of 32.
  • He had four siblings.

Rickey Smiley, 54, is mourning the death of his 32-year-old son Brandon Smiley, who passed away the morning of January 29. Rickey revealed the news the following day in an Instagram video. “I have bad news this morning. I just want everyone to pray for me. My son, Brandon Smiley, has passed away this morning,” the comedian and radio host said. Rickey, who was heading to the airport to get to Birmingham, Alabama in the video, asked his followers to “pray” for Brandon’s siblings and his mother Brenda. Rickey did not share Brandon’s cause of death.

Rickey is known for his career in comedy and TV/radio hosting. He’s the host of the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show, based in Atlanta. But what do we know about his late son, Brandon? Keep reading to find out more about Brandon below.

Brandon lived in Alabama.

It seems that Brandon was living in Birmingham, Alabama, at the time of his death. Rickey said in his video that he was flying to Birmingham, presumably from Atlanta, after Brandon died. Rickey was born in Birmingham.

His mother’s name is Brenda.

Rickey asked fans to “please pray for my son’s mother Brenda” when announcing Brandon’s passing. Per reports, Brandon’s mother is Brenda Morris, who married Rickey when she was a teenager. After having four kids together, Rickey and Brenda reportedly divorced after 12 years of marriage.

Rickey Smiley
Rickey Smiley (Photo: Splashnews)

He had 3 siblings.

Brandon is survived by his three biological siblings, D’Assence Smiley, Malik Smiley, and Aaryn Smiley. Rickey has a fifth child, son Craig Smiley, who he adopted. Aaryn paid tribute to Brandon after his death by sharing footage of their family on her Instagram Story. “Rest in peace big brother I love you forever,” she wrote. Malik honored Brandon on Instagram, as well, with family photos and a heartfelt message. “Nothing could’ve prepared me for this man, you broke my heart in ways I can’t explain bro. Part of me still don’t believe you gone. Imma miss you and love you forever bro,” he wrote.

His sister was shot in 2020.

Aaryn Smiley was almost killed in July 2020 when she was shot during a road rage incident in Houston. Rickey revealed on his radio show that Aaryn was “doing alright” and awaiting surgery at a Houston hospital. Aaryn later gave an update on how she was holding up after the incident.

“This is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me,” she wrote over an Instagram Story photo of a blood-stained car seat. “I won’t be out of the hospital for a while, nor will I be able to walk for a while due to nerve damage,” she also said, before thanking everyone for their supportive messages.

He had a daughter.

Brandon was the father of a daughter named Storm. Rickey confirmed this when he announced his son’s death in the IG video. “I’m okay, but please pray for my son’s mother Brenda, his siblings and his daughter Storm,” Rickey said. It’s unclear who Storm’s mother is.