Ari Fournier: 5 Things To Know About The Model Dating Cole Sprouse

The 'Riverdale' star opened up about his relationship with the gorgeous model in a new interview with 'Call Her Daddy.' Find out everything you need to know about Cole Sprouse's girlfriend.

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  • Cole Sprouse is an actor, known for roles in ‘Riverdale’, ‘Big Daddy’ and more.
  • Cole has been dating Ari Fournier since 2021.
  • Ari Fournier is a Canadian model, repped by multiple agencies.
  • Cole opened up about his relationship with Ari on ‘Call Her Daddy.’

Cole Sprouse has been dating model Ari Fournier for over two years! The actor, 30, was first reported to be seeing Ari in February 2021, and two years later, it’s clear that they’re still going strong. She’s accompanied him to a variety of red carpet-events since they started going out. Cole also gushed about Ari during his appearance on Call Her Daddy in March 2023. “She’s my best friend. We get along so well. We do everything together. honeslty, it’s been two years and some change, and it feels like a week. It’s incredible. I’ve never experienced this level of compatibility and it makes me look back on my youth and go… you really didn’t know,” he said.

On the show, Cole also spoke about getting sober and he said that Ari was a major part of how he made the major life change. “As a consequence of our relationship, my life has just improved. I’ve gotten sober. I’ve questioned my existence like I never had before,” he said. “When the private sphere is locked in, everything else comes from that foundation and it’s in no small part thanks to her.”

Find out everything you need to know about Cole and Ari here!

Ari and Cole Smile together at a red carpet event. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

1. When Did Cole Sprouse & Ari Fournier Start Dating?

Rumors of Cole and Ari’s relationship began popping up around February 2021. That relationship was soon confirmed when the two were spotted going on a walking tour in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Feb. 28. As they strolled through the city’s historic Gastown neighborhood, they linked hands in a romantic gesture. Both Cole and Ari were dressed for the weather, wearing heavy coats and long-sleeved shirts. They also sported protective facemasks to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As to the exact details of “when” and “where” these two met, that’s still unknown, but judging by the hand-holding pics, things are going well for them both.

Cole opened up about how they met on Call Her Daddy. He said they first met “through friends of friends,” but at the time, Ari was in a long-term relationship, but when they crossed paths again two years later, they were both single. “I was having a party at my house and she came through and we started talking and joking. Then one or two people left. Two or three people left. And it was just us talking. We were talking about relationships and life and stuff like that and it was practically like a handshake agreement. Honestly from that moment on, we didn’t stop spending every day with one another,” he said.

Cole and Ari have been dating for over 2 years. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

2. What Does Ari Fournier Do For A Living?

Ari Fournier is a model. As of March 2021, she’s repped by multiple agencies, including IMG Models (who lists her at 5’9”) and Premiere Models. Her Instagram showcases her talent, as she’s shared numerous shots of her looking glamorous on the beach, out in the desert, and other exotic locales. She began modeling at age 15. She was discovered on Instagram, and she signed with an agency.

3. Where Is Ari Fournier From?

Cole’s romance with Ari is an international affair. While he’s an American, she is Canadian. Ari hails from the south shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, according to an April 2020 YouTube Q&A.

4. What Are Ari’s Hobbies?

From a glance at her Instagram, it’s apparent that 1. Ari is a model 2. Ari is gorgeous, and 3. Ari loves horses. She’s posted a few pictures of horses and some shots of her with horses, and there’s a reason for that. “I actually grew up on a farm with horses,” Ari said in that YouTube Q&A. “I grew up riding horses on the countryside. It was just simple. Horses. Dogs and cats. It was the most simple childhood. Honestly, I’m so grateful for that now, because I live such an intense life. I’m really happy that I have a good, grounded upbringing in my life.

5. Is Ari On YouTube?

Ari is a sorta blogger. She has a YouTube channel that, as of March 2023, only has four videos. Her first vid, the previously mentioned Q&A, was posted in April 2020. Since then, she’s uploaded a beauty tutorial, a Vlog about her life as a model, and an August 2020 video where she traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden, for a photoshoot with NA-KD. While she’s not very active on YouTube anymore. She still regularly posts on her Instagram.