7 Men Reveal What They Love & What They Really Aren’t Into In Bed

Unfortunately, mind-reading isn't something we can do. Therefore, we're forced to communicate with one another, even in bed. Would you tell someone that you hate something that they do in bed? Awkward, right? Here's what 7 men had to say when asked about what they love and hate in bed!

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Don’t you wish you could just read a man’s mind while you’re in bed with him — especially when it’s your first time being intimate? Whether anyone will admit it or not, women sometimes feel pressure to perform a certain way in bed, or meet unknown standards. Why? Well, unless you’re in a serious relationship, it’s not exactly taboo to sit down and talk with a man about what you like in bed, before hopping in the sack.

So, we interviewed seven men and asked them to tell us what they love and hate in bed. These brave and very candid males all chose to be anonymous, but their answers were anything but. The men we spoke with range in age from 27-35, three of which are in new relationships. And, it’s also important to note that the three men who have girlfriends, all admitted that they even feel pressure at times to perform because of the lack of communication between the sheets.

“Honestly, I love when a girl grabs my arms in bed. It’s sexy. She needs to be in control some of the time. I can’t be here doing everything… Why would I go to the gym then? I can’t stand if she’s silent. How do you get so close to someone if you don’t speak the entire time. I don’t do mimes. That’s just a major turn-off.” — Male 1, age 27;

“If she goes near my butt, I’ll probably marry her. I don’t care, I’ll admit. Guys are ashamed to say it, but the butt is where it’s at. There’s not much I hate, but I’m not into her shredding my back with her nails. Don’t get me wrong, I am kinky, but please don’t hurt me.” — Male 2, age 30;

“When a girl talks dirty to me, it’s the best thing in the world. I’m no dead fish, but I love when a girl completely dominates me. Like, ‘Lemme see you work, girl.’ It’s funny, you can get to know someone really well by the way they have sex… their athleticism, if they’re lazy, how outgoing they are — you can see it all. I cannot stand when a girl will not get on top. It’s almost rude. Imagine if we were married? That sh-t would definitely not be 50/50.” — Male 3, age 28;

“If she’s down to try new things, any position, anything, I’m hers. I’m not gonna lie, I pull hair, I role play, I like sexual choking and basically anything. If she’s not wild, she’s boring. Plain and simple. Unless I say, we’re making love and staring into each other’s eyes, I’m throwing her in the air and sh-t’s about to get freaky.” — Male 4, age 32;

“I might sound weird, but I love when she stares into my eyes. Maybe I’m sensitive, I don’t know, but that gets me. I have feelings, I’m like Drake, but taken. When my girlfriend tells me things like, ‘You feel so good’ — I cave. I am a love maker for sure. I’ve never really been into wild one night stands, but all my friends are. I’ve actually been called a ‘rare breed.'” — Male 5, age 29;

“My favorite thing in bed is when a woman tells me what she wants. I think the best way to have the best sex is just talking. If I know what she wants and vice, versa, then we all win, right? Honestly, sex is a vibe. If you’re not vibing, what’s the point? I hate when any girl touches my balls. Every one of my guys friends loves it, like they go nuts. But, no, not me. Stay away.” — Male 6, age 35;

“When I’m on top of woman or she’s on top of me, if I can hear her breathing in my ear or moaning, it’s the biggest turn-on. That’s when I know I’m doing good. And, it’s hot. I love to look at a girl in bed when I know I’m working it right, and she smirks. I see a little smile on her face, and I do a little victory dance in my mind, like, ‘Yeah, I’m crushing this.’ I am a guy, I want to make women feel good, you know? But, if she’s a biter, I’m running for the door, especially if she thinks this is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ down below.” — Male 7, age 27;

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