BTS Festa: 5 Things To Know About The BTS Anniversary Celebration & The New Content In 2019

We're approaching the SIX year anniversary of BTS' debut, and just like every year, the group is celebrating with its annual BTS Festa, which features a bunch of special gifts for their fans!

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BTS always loves giving back to their fans, and one way they make sure to do that EVERY year is with the BTS Festa. The annual celebration is a way for the K-Pop group to celebrate their June 13, 2013 debut, and gift their fans with new content every day for 10-14 days as a way to express their gratitude. BTS fans are always itching for something new from the guys, so to be able to get photos, videos and more in such a congested period of time is quite a blessing! Here’s more to know about BTS Festa:

1. What kind of content do the guys release during Festa? During BTS Festa, fans can expect lots of new photos, videos, songs, interviews and more. Leading up to the event, Big Hit Entertainment generally releases a trailer for what’s to come, while there’s always a timeline of events teasing up the new content that’s going to come out each day. The Festa also begins with an opening ceremony, which falls sometime at the beginning of June. The Festa always closes on June 13, the same day as the anniversary of BTS’ debut.

2. What content are we getting in 2019? The 2019 Festa kicked off on June 3, with the release of a BTS family portrait. June 4 called for a collection of photos of the group in 2018-2019, while June 5 is for something called “By Jin.” June 7 is a choreography video, June 8 is ‘Bangtan News’ followed by another choreography video on June 9. On June 10,there will be another family portrait, followed by the release of a piano version of “Euphoria” on June 11 and a BTS profile on June 12. The Festa concludes with the release of Bangtan Attic, a video, on June 13.

3. How did BTS form? Even though BTS made their official debut in 2013, Big Hit Entertainment actually started forming the group in 2010. The original debut was anticipated for 2011, but it got pushed back as the roster of the group was finalized. Ahead of the debut, BTS started gaining notoriety because of song covers. They finally debuted with their single album, 2 Cool 4 Skool, in June 2013.

4. The BTS Festa is for the ARMY. BTS has developed an extremely passionate group of fans over the years, and they’ve become known as the BTS ARMY. The BTS Festa was created with these loyal followers in mind.

5. BTS Festa trends on Twitter throughout the entire celebration. Because the ARMY is SO passionate, they’re great at getting BTS to trend on Twitter on a regular basis — so the different events of the Festa tend to trend each day they’e released! So epic!

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