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Trace Adkins’ Kids: Meet the Country Star’s 5 Daughters

Trace Adkins is set to perform for NBC's 'Christmas at the Opry' special. Before he takes the stage, get to know all about his kids.

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There’s a lot in common between Trace Adkins and Albie Roman, the character Trace plays on Monarch. “I think Albie, he loves his family, he loves his children. He might not be the sweetest — he’s not about hugging, that kind of thing, outward emotion,” Trace told Taste of Country ahead of the preview of the musical drama about the fictional Roman family, and their country music dynasty.  It’s just not his thing and he struggles with it and has troubles with it, and I do, too,” says Trace. “He’s kind of quiet, but when he says something, you probably oughta listen to what he’s got to say.”

Five sets of ears perk up whenever Trace has something to say – and they all belong to his daughters. Trace has two girls with his first wife, Barbara Lewis. The couple tied the knot in 1982, and welcomed Tarah Adkins and Sarah Adkins before going their separate ways. In 1991, the country star married Julie Curtis. The tumultuous union fell apart before they could have kids, and the couple divorced in 1994. In 1997, Trace married Rhonda Forlaw, and the two stayed together until 2015. During that time, they welcomed three girls into the world: Mackenzie Adkins, Brianna Adkins, and Trinity Adkins.

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As a loving dad, it’s sure that Trace’s five daughters will all be watching as he performs as part of NBC’s Christmas at the Opry special on December 7, 2023. He’s one of many country stars who will be performing at the historic country music venue, along with Wynonna Judd, who is hosting, Mickey Guyton, and more. Being that he’s a real family man, he’ll definitely be bringing a lot of heart to the holiday performance.

Here’s a look at all of Trace Adkins’ kids.

Tarah Adkins

Born in 1983, Tarah is Trace Adkins’ eldest daughter. She married David Webber in 2007, according to Closer Weekly. She has also blessed Trace with three grandchildren, including a grandson born on Father’s Day in 2012.

Does Trace spoil his grandchildren? “Not too much, not too much,” he said to Taste of Country in 2017. “They get whatever they want I guess, but I don’t go over the top … Really they’re spoiled anyway, so there’s not much left to do. They’re already spoiled — their mother and father spoil ’em rotten. So they don’t need any help from me.”

He did say that he does try to instill some wisdom to his grandkids. “I try to teach them to be quiet, which obviously nobody else is trying to do.”

Sarah Adkins

Born in 1985, Sarah is the oldest of Trace’s children. She is also a proud mother, per Closer Weekly. Sarah reportedly shared a story in September 2021 about how she stopped by a Blake Shelton/Trace Adkins concert, and Blake was shocked that Trace had forgotten his daughter’s birthday. “[Blake] said ‘Trace you didn’t know it was your daughter’s birthday’ to which daddy said ‘Yeah her birthday is Monday. But I didn’t know how old she is going to be’ which made Blake laugh pretty hard,” Sarah shared. “I’m just one of five … it’s just a number these days daddy.”

In 2007, Trace spoke with The Country Daily about whether or not his oldest daughters got the best of him as a father. “I feel so guilty about that and they know that and they take full advantage of it,” he said. “I tell them ‘no’ very seldom. But I do feel guilty about my older two girls not having the father that my three little ones have. It’s not just about the drinking and that kind of stuff, it’s the age thing, too. I was a young man. I didn’t even know who I was yet. I was just still fumbling and feeling my way in the dark, through this life, trying to figure out who I was and what I was doing.”

Mackenzie Adkins

Mackenzie Adkins was born in 1998, making her the oldest of Trace and Rhonda’s daughters. She reportedly graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2020, and appears to work with the Rhonda & Company talent agency. She’s semi-active on Social media, showing that she’s a sports fan, loves traveling around the world, and enjoys her job.

Brianna Adkins

Born in 2001, Brianna Adkins is the middle child of Rhonda and Trace’s three girls. She made a cameo in his 2009 video, “Ladies Love Country Boys” and is now a model signed to AMAX in Nashville.

Trace spoke to People in 2008 about how he almost lost Brianna to a severe food allergy. “When she was around 9 months old, she grabbed the lid of a peanut butter jar,” he said. “There didn’t seem to be any peanut butter on it, but the reaction was almost immediate. She began to swell up, to where she was almost unrecognizable when she got to the emergency room. Just from the protein on the lid. Most people don’t understand that anaphylactic shock [a severe allergic reaction] can result in death.  I had no idea.”

“I was doing a radio-show interview the other day, and a listener called in and said, ‘I was told that I couldn’t bring something into my kids’ school because other kids were allergic, and that’s infringing on my freedoms.’  I thought, ‘You idiot.  Bring something else.  Are you seriously suggesting that you should have the freedom to kill my kid?’” he added.

Trinity Adkins

Trinity was born in 2004, making her the youngest of Trace’s daughters. She appeared in his 2011 video for “Just Fishin’,” a song reportedly written just for her. Like her other siblings, Trinity has mostly spent her life outside of the spotlight. She’s not that active on social media, preferring to post sparingly.