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Sam Neill’s Kids: Meet The ‘Jurassic Park’ Actors’ Three Kids & Grandchildren

'Peaky Blinders' actor Sam Neill has kept his private life away from the spotlight — including his children. Learn all there is to know about his kids and grandkids here.

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  • Sam Neill is an actor from Ireland who may be best known for starring in the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise
  • Sam Neill continues to act while he manages a family winery in New Zealand
  • The actor has at least three kids, though they all  live away from the spotlight
  • Sam seemingly has at least three grandchildren, as well

Jurassic Park star Sam Neil revealed he is undergoing treatment for angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma in a March 17, 2023 interview with The Guardian. “I can’t pretend that the last year hasn’t had its dark moments,” the 75-year-old actor told the publication of his journey from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery. “But those dark moments throw the light into sharp relief, you know, and have made me grateful for every day and immensely grateful for all my friends. Just pleased to be alive.” As of his announcement, he is cancer free but will likely have to undergo chemotherapy once a month, possibly for the rest of his life. He speaks about his cancer journey in his upcoming memoir Did I Ever Tell You This?.

Sam said he had plenty of support from his friends, but it’s not clear if he had his two children standing by his side as he treated his diagnosis. Sam has three kids who have lived their lives completely out of the spotlight. Read on to learn all the available information about Irish actor Sam Neill’s kids.

Sam Neill
Although Sam Neill has enjoyed an incredible film and TV career, his personal life has been kept mostly under wraps (Photo: Manuel Romano/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

How Many Children Does Sam Neil Have?

Sam Neill’s kids were raised completely out of the limelight and did not follow their famous father’s footsteps into the filmmaking industry. Therefore, there is very little known about their lives. Although multiple outlets have reported that he has two kids, he has at least three. Sam has two adult children, according to the Daily Mail: son Tim, who he welcomed with his former girlfriend, actress Lisa Harrow, and daughter Elena, who was born to his ex-wife, Noriko Watanabe.

However, due to his social media activity, it’s clear he has at least one other child. Sam became a grandfather again in Nov. 2021, and it was neither Tim nor Elena’s child. The child belongs to Maiko Neill, whose Instagram page is set to private. However, her husband’s page is not private, and Sam has tagged him in a handful of social media posts. Between Sam’s posts and Maiko’s husband’s posts, it’s clear she is the mother of the Peaky Blinder actor’s newest grandchild.

Maiko Neill

Maiko Neill’s age and profession are not known, but she seemingly supports the family business: Sam’s New Zealand winery, Two Paddocks. She has a link to a blog post from Two Paddocks’ website in her Instagram bio, which asks the winery’s staff to name their favorite songs. The blog post can be seen here.

Sam announced the birth of Maiko’s daughter via a Nov. 18, 2021 Instagram post in which he cradled his new grandchild, as seen below. “The Love . I don’t put family on media stuff . Except when they’re brand new,” he began in the caption of the sweet post. “This is my brand new grandson Nahlo , the bestest boy, 2 weeks old. So chilled, no fuss . Just eats , sleeps and thinks about things . Parents blissed out , and everybody happy. Me particularly . The love…”

In Feb. 2023, Sam took to the ‘gram to share a photo of Nahlo with his dad, Sly Augustin. Sly has shared a few pics of his bundle of joy and tagged Maiko, proving the baby boy is theirs. In fact, in Nahlo’s birth announcement, Sly joked that Maiko “produced” their son as if the process were a movie production. “Introducing our Son … Nhalo (nah-low) Wilson Neill-Augustin,” he wrote alongside a photo of his first child on Nov. 7, 2021.

“Beyond thankful for him. Beyond Happy to be a Father,” he continued. “Everything is so different now, Like the whole world changed the second he was born. Nothing will be the same again, it will be so much better. Greatful (sic) to know so many dope dad’s, you’ll all be hearing from me at some point”.

He concluded his heartfelt caption by revealing Nahlo’s birth date. “World Premier 29th October 22:52 …” he noted. “Directed by @maikoneill & @slyaugustin … Produced by @maikoneill …”.

Elena Neill

Once again, there is no solid information on Elena Neill due to her super private life and lack of public social media profiles. She gave birth to a little boy in 2013, according to Express. “I have recently had a new grandson. I say this almost as if it were a personal achievement, but grandchildren in truth are thrust upon you whether you like it or not,” the In The Mouth Of Madness actor wrote in a column for The Spectator, according to the outlet. “He seems a perfectly agreeable sort of chap, as babies go. He’s a quiet baby, and quietness is highly regarded in people that small. And in fact I admire it wherever I find it…”

“This boy’s grandmothers are in a complete lather over him, and are quite incapable of keeping their hands off the little tyke,” he reportedly continued. “I’m not big on baby cuddling as it happens… Anyway, this boy seems to be universally thought of as winsome. I have no idea about that, but I do like his general quietness. We sit and look at each other in companionable silence; he sucks on his pacifier and I on my 2008 Pinot (wine). I like to be quiet too.”

Tim Neill

There have been no reports of Sam’s son, Tim, having a child. However, Sam seemed to reveal he has an older grandson named Felix McIntosh on Instagram. He raved about Felix’s work as a DJ in two separate posts from March 5, 2023, and called him “The Prop’s grandson”. Sam goes by “SamNeillTheProp” on Instagram, so it appears he was referring to himself as Felix’s grandfather.