Patti LuPone’s Husband: Everything To Know About Matthew Johnston

Patti LuPone is an iconic musical theater actress, but did you know she has been married for over three decades? Meet her husband, Mathew Johnston, below!

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Patti Lupone
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  • Patti LuPone is a Broadway actress known for her roles in Evita, Company, and Anything Goes. She also appeared in several TV shows over the years from Life Goes On to Frasier.
  • She is married to her husband, Mathew Johnston.
  • Most recently Patti took to Twitter to announce she officially gave up her Actors’ Equity card on Oct. 17, 2022.

Grammy-winner and Company actress Patti LuPone, 73, has been a household name for theater buffs for decades. Following her studies at Julliard in New York City, the Broadway legend landed her first role on Lincoln Center’s stage, and soon after she married her husband. Patti and Mathew Johnston have been married for over three decades and have one of the longest marriages in the entertainment industry. Keep reading to learn all about him, their relationship, and more!

patti lupone
Patti LuPone & her husband, Matthew Johnston, have been married since 1988. (Alan Davidson/Shutterstock)

Meet Mathew Johnston

Patti’s longtime husband, Mathew, is also in the entertainment business. Although not much is known about him publicly, some of his work is listed on his official IMDb page. Mathew appears to work as a camera operator for movies and TV shows, he even worked on the hit 1992 movie Wayne’s World starring Mike Myers. Other notable projects he worked on include TremorsCity Limits, and Bad Guys.

Although the actress keeps much of her relationship out of the spotlight, she did tell The New Yorker in April 2020 that quarantine had made her cut Mathew’s hair. “I cut my husband’s hair. And he thought he looked like Cletus, because I cut it and then I went, ‘Oh, I wanna do something else.’ So he has little bangs. I actually went to the city and got my hair done. I said, ‘I’m not going to be depressed and then look in the mirror,'” Patti shared with the outlet.

Their Marriage & Kids

patti lupone
Patti LuPone & Mathew Johnston pictured in 2016. (Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock)

Mathew and Patti officially tied the knot back in 1988, when she was starring in Anything Goes as Reno Sweeney. During an episode of Thirteen the star shared that she actually got married on the Vivian Beaumont Theater stage. “On a day off from Anything Goes I got married on the stage of the Vivian Beaumont,” Patti said. She called the day of their wedding “a treasured memory in my family history.”

Two years after the couple said “I do” they welcomed their first and only child together – a son. Joshua Luke Johnston, 31, was born to parents Mathew and Patti on Nov. 21, 1990. Her son is also a theater actor, and even joined his momma on stage back in 2014 for a one-night concert of The Cradle Will Rockaccording to PlayBill.

Patti told the outlet that she knew her son had the “discipline” to pursue an acting career. “All I knew was that he had some sort of discipline. You know, you’re bit or you’re not bit. I guess it’s a hard thing to describe or to understand,” she shared at the time. “It’s really quite personal. I don’t really know what Josh’s experience is in that respect, I know what mine was, and you don’t necessarily wear it. It’s an internal thing. So I didn’t really know whether this was something that Josh wanted to do except I knew that he was having fun at Ravinia [a theater festival].”