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Olivia Nova’s Cause Of Death: Why The Porn Star Died At Age 20

Adult film star Olivia Nova's death just became a lot more heartbreaking, as a new police report states she was half-naked and dead for 12 hours before being found.

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When we first discovered adult film star Olivia Nova, 20, died in Las Vegas on Jan. 7, 2018, we were devastated. But we had no idea how traumatic her death really was. A police report obtained by HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY showed that Olivia was found by police half-naked and her body was appeared to have been dead for at least 12 hours before being found. Las Vegas Metro PD said they responded to a call on Jan. 7, 2018, when a witness had reported Olivia died. The witness said she appeared to be dead, but was alive the day before — even though she seemed “out of it and very ill like she was having drug withdrawals.”

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When officers did an initial inspection of the body upon arrival, she had a “vaginal discharge” and “bruising on her lower left leg.” She was also “nude from the waist down.” Even so, the coroner didn’t think her death was suspicious. Afterwards, the witness showed police Olivia’s Facebook page, “where she described being very ill since the end of December but scared to go to the hospital.” The “smelly vaginal discharge” was likely due to “a severe infection,” the coroner concluded.

Prescription medication bottles that were prescribed to her for a kidney infection and a urinary tract infection, were also found at the scene. So because of that, along with the infection, the coroner believes Olivia probably had such a bad infection that it turned into sepsis, which “probably ultimately caused her death.” However, a full medical evaluation will be completed at the coroner’s office to confirm the investigation at the scene.

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