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Martha Stewart’s Daughter Alexis: Everything To Know About Her Only Child

Martha Stewart is an iconic household name, but many do not know that the TV personality and cook has a daughter. Here is everything we know about Alexis Stewart!

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Martha Stewart and daughter
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The legendary Martha Stewart, 81, has a legacy aside from her famous cooking shows and kitchenware lines – her daughter! That’s right, Martha has only one child and it is her daughter Alexis Stewart. Martha had her daughter back in 1965 when she was married to her husband Andrew Stewart. Both Martha and Andrew called it quits in 1990 after 29 years of marriage.

Who Is Martha Stewart’s Daughter?

Martha Stewart and daughter
Martha Stewart and her only daughter Alexis Stewart on The Red Carpet. (Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock)

Alexis is alive and well following in her mother’s footsteps so to speak with a career in media. The 56-year-old has worked on various radio and TV shows throughout the years, according to Distractify. She is best known for her work on the radio and TV show Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer. The TV show originally started on satellite radio, and later had one season on TV in 2010.

Just like her famous mom, Alexis graduated from Barnard College, a division of Columbia University, in 1987. She also had another TV show called Whatever, Martha, which premiered in 2008 on the Fine Living Network, and later on The Hallmark Channel. Martha also made a guest appearance on her daughter’s TV show to show her support.

Later on in 2010, Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer became a short-lived show on The Hallmark Channel. The show’s name eventually got changed to Whatever, You’re Wrong! before officially ending in 2011. After a few years working in media, Alexis has settled down with her own family and has not worked on a TV show since. Even though it has been years since she had her own show, she still was extremely successful with Distractify reporting her net worth at $1 million.

Does Alexis Stewart Have Kids?

Martha Stewart
TV personality and businesswoman Martha Stewart is the mother of Alexis Stewart. (Louis Lanzano/AP/Shutterstock)

Alexis is a mother of two sons which she had via surrogate, she told The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her eldest son, Jude Stewart is 11 years old while her youngest, Truman Stewart, is 10 years old.

She struggled to have kids and by the time she wanted to have kids at age 36, she had to explore alternative options, she said on the show in 2007. Jude and Truman almost share the same birthday, as they were born one day apart. Jude was born on March 8, 2011, while Truman was born on March 9, 2012.

Is Alexis Stewart Still Married?

Alexis is no longer married. Her ex-husband is pretty famous in his own right, as he famously represented Martha during her famous insider-trading case back in 2004. Alexis was married to the lawyer John R Cuti from 1997 to 2004.

The former couple married at the judge’s chambers downtown at town hall, according to Martha’s website. “It was a very tiny wedding. Alexis did not want the fete that I had hoped for, but she wore a gray flannel suit and she looked extremely beautiful,” Martha wrote on her website.