Kim Novak’s Children: What We Know About Her 2 Step Kids With Late Husband Robert Malloy

Kim Novak is legendary for her role in Hitchcock's 'Vertigo,' but she's also had a fulfilling family life. Here's what we know about her two adult stepchildren.

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Kim Novak
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  • Kim Novak is a highly acclaimed actress.
  • She rose to fame in Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo.’
  • She was married to veterinarian Robert Malloy & has two step kids.

If you’re a fan of horror master Alfred Hitchcock, you’re certainly familiar with the blonde beauty he cast in the lead role of 1958’s Vertigo. The blonde beauty captivated audiences, literally sending them into a tailspin, with her role as the tormented Madeleine Elster opposite Jimmy Stewart. It was the role of a lifetime, making her a household name as one of the stars of a film masterpiece.

But behind the scenes, she also had two marriages — and in her second union, to the late Robert Malloy in 1976, she gained the blessing of two adult stepchildren. When asked by the late Larry King if she had ever wanted to have her own children, Kim admitted she hadn’t. “Not really. Not really,” she confessed in the 2004 interview. “If it would have happened — I always feel — I’m very fatalistic, and I feel that if something is meant to be, it opens easily and is presented to you and then you move with it. And that door was never opened to me, and so here I am. But I have two children. My husband has two children that are like mine. And so Lisa and Beck are my children, and it’s wonderful. I didn’t have to go through the diaper stage!”

Here’s everything to know about the Hollywood legend’s two adult step kids and their relationship today.

Beck Malloy

Kim Novak
Kim has said her husband Robert Mall’s 2 daughters are like her own. (Briquet-Hahn-Marechal/ABACA/Shutterstock)

According to the obituary of Robert’s ex-wife, Joan Gundlach, Robert’s son Beck Malloy was born in 1964 in California. Beck is married Shannon Malloy. He resides in Idaho.

Lisa Malloy

The obituary of Lisa’s mother, Joan, reveals that she was born 1967 in Carmel, California. Lisa also has a son, Caleb — making Kim a step grandmother, as well.  Lisa and Caleb reside in California.

Though few details have emerged about her stepchildren, Kim has divulged that she shared a happy family life with Robert, who died in 2020 after an impressive 44 years together. “Bob’s secret was that great sense of humor,” she told Closer Weekly in 2021. We also had a shared love of animals. We’d both ride our Arabian horses together. I had been married once before, [to actor Richard Johnson], but it didn’t suit me to be married to an actor. Bob and I shared so much in common.”

She also shared her secret to a happy life — obviously something she achieved during those four-plus decades. “I think to be happy, you have to know yourself,” she told the outlet. “You have to know what you really want and what your values are. If you really pay attention to what makes you happy or sad, laugh or cry, that will tell you if what you are doing is right. It’s a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together.