Jon Cryer’s Wife: Meet Lisa Joyner & Look Back at His Previous Marriage

The ‘Extended Family’ star has been married to Lisa since 2007 and was previously married to ex-wife Sarah Trigger. 

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Lisa Joyner and Jon Cryer
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Jon Cryer has been married to his wife, Lisa Joyner, since 2007, and the Extended Family actor shares his youngest daughter, Daisy, with her. Most recently, Jon explained the secret to their strong marriage during a new interview.  

Keep reading to learn everything about Jon’s current wife and his past marriage to Sarah Trigger. 

Lisa Joyner 

Lisa Joyner and Jon Cryer

Lisa works as an entertainment reporter and television host. In the past, the San Diego native has reported on celebrity news for Los Angeles-based news stations, such as KTTV and KCBS-TV. Later in her career, Lisa hosted the American version of Find My Family, and she co-hosted Long Lost Family. 

In 2007, Lisa and Jon exchanged vows and eventually adopted their child, Daisy, together. During a 2023 interview with PEOPLE, the Two and a Half Men alum explained what his and Lisa’s secret is to a long-lasting relationship. 

“The key to a good marriage is 100 percent a sense of humor because whenever there are hard things in a marriage — and there are — laughing about it makes the most wonderful difference,” Jon noted. “It’s about having somebody in your corner no matter what, and I feel so lucky to be that guy for my wife. She has been there for me every time that has been tough for me.” 

Since Lisa is his second wife, Jon discussed what he learned from his first marriage and how he took those lessons to his current one. 

“The great thing about second marriages is you know what your flaws are,” the former Supergirl actor said. “They have been brought to relief, and so, you hopefully have gotten some comfort with them. When you’re much more comfortable with yourself, you can actually love somebody a lot better, and I think my earlier relationships were always just trying to be somebody who I thought I had to be instead of just being who I am.” 

Sarah Trigger 

Jon Cryer and ex-wife Sarah Trigger at a film premiere

In 1999, Jon married his first wife, Sarah. He and the retired British actress share their son, Charlie, together. Jon and Sarah ended up divorcing in 2006. It’s still unclear what transpired between Sarah and Jon, leading them to end their marriage.

Sarah appeared in multiple film and TV projects throughout her acting career. Among the U.K. native’s most well-known work includes performances in the series EZ Streets and the 1990s films Pet Sematary Two, Deadfall and Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.