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Hugh Laurie’s Kids: Meet His 3 Children From Oldest To Youngest

Hugh Laurie and his wife, Jo Green, share three adult children. None of them followed his footsteps into the spotlight and live a very private existence.

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  • Hugh Laurie is an actor from the UK who is best known for his role in Fox’s hit series, ‘House’
  • Hugh Laurie has three kids with his wife, Jo
  • None of Hugh’s kids got into acting on a professional level

British actor Hugh Laurie, 63, is best known for playing a rebellious, spiteful, and self-centered doctor on Fox’s hit series, House M.D., between 2004 and 2012. However, in real life, he is a loving father of two sons and one daughter he shares with his wife of three decades, Jo Green. Read on to learn about Hugh Laurie’s kids below.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie did not see much of his kids when he was shooting ‘House’ (Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Hugh Laurie Has Three Kids

Hugh and Jo first welcomed a son named Charlie into the world in 1988 — one year before they were married. They then welcomed their second son, Bill, in 1991, and finally, their daughter, Rebecca, in 1992. Laurie’s entire family has remained out of the spotlight aside from the occasional public appearances from him and Jo. Rebecca acted in one film when she was a young child, per IMDb, but that was the beginning and end of her acting career.

What Has Hugh Said About His Kids?

Hugh once spoke about the struggles he faced being away from his three children as he was across the pond in America filming for House. “It’s a very difficult thing [being so far from my kids],” he told the Daily Record in 2012, noting that his morning is nighttime for his beloved kids, making it difficult to connect.

“I constantly marvel at how grown-up my children are, how grown-up they’re being about this,” he continued. “I worry about parenting at this sort of distance, but they are being so generous and so cool about it that. I mean, it might be because they’re English, and they won’t reveal their psychological damage until they’re in their late forties.”

Hugh Laurie wife
Hugh Laurie and his wife, Jo, have been together for more than three decades (Photo: SplashNews)

As for his visiting schedule, he said he would visit his kids whenever he had the chance. “If we get Thanksgiving off in November, I got four days to go back. I go when I can. There’s just a lot of flying,” he explained.

Hugh also admitted he never expected that he would be part of a long-distance family because he was certain the show would get canceled. “In fact, the first season I was in a hotel for the first three months because I was so convinced that we were going to be gone,” he confessed. “I didn’t even unpack. I had a half-empty suitcase. I thought it was going to be any day now.” At the time of the interview, he confirmed he had an apartment his children were welcome at whenever they could make it there.

How Did Hugh’s Marriage Survive?

Although Hugh seemingly had his frustrations about the double life he lived, he knew it was just what came with the job. “I wouldn’t say that doing the series has made my marriage easier. Better? I don’t know about that either,” he told the Daily Mail in 2010. “Doing weekly TV is like joining the Navy and going on the other side of the world for ten months of the year,” he added. “But the truth is that whatever challenging situation you’re in, somebody somewhere has got a much more extreme version. So I think one ought to shut up and not moan about it.”