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How To Use Setting Powder: A Step By Step Guide

If you don't know how to use setting powder but have always wanted to try it, you're in luck because we have a step-by-step guide for you!

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Setting powder is an important step in your makeup routine as it can literally set your makeup and hold it in place all day long. When it comes to setting powder there are two different types – loose or solid – and they both work just as well. Setting powder acts as the glue that holds your makeup together and it’s super lightweight and can help blend in your foundation or concealer. Even better, it also helps to absorb grease and sweat so it’s great to keep handy if you want to powder your face throughout the day or night to absorb excess oil. Below, we rounded up a step-by-step guide on how to use the product and why it’s a gamechanger to your makeup routine.

How to apply setting powder

Applying setting powder is super easy and you can follow the four steps below.

1. Apply your foundation or concealer using a brush, your fingers, or a sponge. Once you have done that, take the brush or sponge, dab it into the setting powder and brush it over the spots where you’ve applied makeup.

2. It’s important not to rub the powder in, but instead, just let it sit on top of your makeup and wait a few minutes while the powder does its job and absorbs the excess makeup.

3. While you’re waiting, you can move on to the next step in your makeup routine, while letting the powder stay in place.

4. Once about two minutes have passed, take a makeup brush and blend in the powder gently. You will immediately notice that the face makeup you put on is now set in place because the powder soaked it up.

5. When you are finished blending in the powder, you will notice your skin will look almost airbrushed. Finish off your makeup routine with a setting spray if you wish, and voila – you’re done and ready to go!

Why use setting powder?

Blurs pores – Setting powder is a great way to cover up your pores. After using your face makeup such as foundation or concealer, apply the setting powder so that it leaves your skin looking like a blank canvas.

Absorbs oil – If you suffer from oily skin or are just sweating, keeping a setting powder on hand is a gamechanger. Blot your face with powder when you feel shiny, as it helps to soak in excess oil and grease.

Sets makeup – Using setting powder can help keep your makeup in place all day long and some products even make it last up to 24 hours.

Covers imperfections – Have a pimple? No problem. If you hate the look of cover-up over a pimple because it can look crunchy and many times, more obvious, this is where setting powder becomes your best friend. Cover a zit with concealer and then make sure to set it with powder after so that your concealer stays in place and doesn’t allow the makeup to disappear.

Setting powder mistakes

Not all setting powders are created equally. There are many different shades you can choose from and if you pick the wrong shade for your skin tone, you are in trouble. Choosing the wrong shade can cause you to have random blotches of powder on your face and you do not want that. To prevent this, make sure you know which shade is right for you, or, choose a setting powder that is translucent, as it works universally on all skin tones. Another tip to keep in mind is never overdoing it. A little goes a long way and you never want to look like a ghost. Plus, you risk flashback, which occurs when you use too much powder and then you go to take a picture and the flash causes all of your powder makeup to show in the photo.

All in all, setting powder is a super simple step that can be added to your routine and there are many benefits to using it. After reading our tips, if you are interested in trying one out for yourself, you’re in luck, because we rounded up some of our favorite products on the market, and you can see them all below.

Types of setting powder

The Beautyblender BOUNCE Soft Focus Gemstone Setting Powder is one of our absolute favorites and it’s available in five different shades including Canary (brightening), Buff (light), Topaz (medium), Nutmeg (tan), and Chocolate (deep). It’s hydrating, super-blurring and it has an airy formula – what more could you ask for?

Another one of our favorites is the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP HD Finishing Powder. The powder comes in three shades – Banana (yellow), Mint Green, and Translucent. While the yellow and green shades help with color-correcting, the translucent powder is a great way to set your makeup without adding any color to your skin. It leaves you with a matte finish and it’s completely cruelty-free. Even better, it has over 4,300 positive reviews and one customer gushed, “My holy grail! As someone who’s a light to medium skin tone it’s hard finding a powder for the places that I bake that isn’t too light or too dark – some might even say impossible. I recently got hooked on the NYX Banana Powder and knew I needed a back up, the price was cheaper on here. I can apply it while I’m out and feel myself getting oily and it won’t cake up on me, it just seems to make my face look flawless all over again once applied. It lasts for hours which is something I thought I’d never say as someone who struggles with oily skin.”

With over a whopping 74,000 positive reviews the Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder is definitely on the top of our list. The loose powder can be used in a variety of ways and it’s super lightweight which doesn’t weigh you down or cause your makeup to cake. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus, it allows your makeup to last all day. One very happy customer raved, “I am totally blown away by this product! I have been consistently using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder for about 6 months, and was dissatisfied with the fact that my skin appeared greasy/oily by the end of the work day. By 5PM, I have been wearing my makeup for about 10 hours. I also live in a warm climate and have oily skin. By the end of my work day using this powder, my face is still very matte! I am THRILLED! This way outperforms the Laura Mercier powder and is 13% of the cost. Can’t believe it. Never going back.”

The MAYBELLINE Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder is a super affordable option that works just as well as luxury products. This powder has over 22,000 positive reviews and it’s because customers swear by it. Available in eight different shades, this mineral-based powder is perfect for touch-ups, setting your foundation, and keeping oily skin at bay. A very satisfied customer’s review said, “I love this!! I’m a setting powder junkie & always looking for something better. This beats all of my high end powders including Laura Mercier. This is soooo finely milled and feels like silk, reminds me very much of my Smashbox Halo except that Maybelline’s provides a better matte/flawless finish (and does not have a $45 price tag). It greatly reduces my pores when applied with a damp beauty blender. However, the ONLY slight downside is that I have dry skin so I have to finish with a hydrating spray (Mac’s fix or Mario Badescu) but I typically have to do that after using any setting powder, especially in the winter. I purchased light/medium and it’s a titch light (my lightest foundation is 220 natural beige Fit Me). But I can warm it up with some bronzer.”