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Drew Barrymore’s Spouses: Everything To Know About Her 3 Ex-Husbands

Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood mainstay since she was just a youngster, and her three marriages have been equally high profile as her career. Find out about her ex-husbands.

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  • Drew Barrymore has been married three times.
  • Her latest – and seemingly last – marriage was to Will Kopelman.
  • Drew stressed that she would never marry again.

Drew Barrymore, 46, has grown up before our eyes. The child actor-turned-talk show host has been candid about all aspects of her life in the public eye, including her romantic relationships. As fans would know, Drew first got married in the 1990s to her boyfriend of six months. After the first divorce, the Scream star would marry a fellow actor before eventually saying ‘I do’ to the father of her two children. But, even that marriage came to an end.

Three strikes, and drew was out. “I will never get married again!” she said in 2020. “I will never, with a capital N-E-V-E-R, never get married. It’s like, I have two options. Cut it — this has not worked — or be Elizabeth Taylor. I never want to be entwined with someone like that again, ever.”

“You break up, you move on,” she continued. “You get divorced, and it’s just so different. I love that we are trying to hold on to an institution that (started) when the closest person to you for companionship was a three-day horse ride away, and your life span was 30 years.”

“It doesn’t mean that maybe I wouldn’t like to meet someone, especially when my kids go off to college,” Drew added. “Or a year from now, I could be totally in love. I’m open to it; I’m not seeking it. My cup runneth over. I have so much love in my life.”

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Drew’s three ex-husbands.

Jeremy Thomas

Drew in 1994. Image: Kobal/Shutterstock

The E.T. star met her first husband, Jeremy Thomas, in Los Angeles when she was 19. She and the bar owner dated for just six months before they tied the knot in March 1994. It was reported that one of Drew’s pals suggested they should get married because they “were so in love,” but the romance was not to last. She filed for divorce just two months later, and the paperwork was finalized in 1995.

Tom Green

Drew and Tom. Image: Richard Young/Shutterstock

Drew and fellow actor Tom Green, 50, met in the late 90s when his hit MTV show, The Tom Green Show, was gaining traction. At the time, Tom’s career was taking off, and the couple went on to work together in the 2000 hit Charlie’s Angels. Tom and Drew later married — but only for a year, as Tom filed for divorce in 2002.

The pair had little interaction throughout the following years but recently reunited on her eponymous talk show in which Tom revealed he wasn’t invited to Drew’s third wedding. “I’ve never been invited to an ex’s wedding,” he stated. “[It] makes sense to me,” Tom said. “Honestly, I think it makes sense to probably not go to an ex’s wedding.”

He also appeared on the talk show in September 2020, and they both marveled at how quickly time had passed.” When you say it’s 20 years, sometimes it’s the blink of an eye, and sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve lived so much in these last 20 years,'” Drew told Tom. “You’ve had a whole life, and I’ve had a whole life, and it’s just really nice to come together and check in and talk about it. I think the world of you. I celebrate you, and I always have, and I always will.”

Will Kopelman

Drew and Will. Image: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

Drew married her third husband, Will Kopelman, 44, in 2012. Although the couple officially divorced in April 2016, they remain close friends as they share two daughters, Olive and Frankie. Drew proved there was indeed no bad blood between them when she sat down on Dax Shepard’s podcast, Armchair Expert, and revealed she loves Will’s new wife, Alexandra Michler

“He just got remarried actually last week to this most amazing woman,” she told Dax when discussing her ex-husband. “This incredible woman Allie, and I just feel like I won the lottery with her, like, I really did. I feel like I’m lucky that there’s this new beautiful soul that came into our lives.” The actress did admit that she gives “them space,” adding, “We hang out. We do dinners with all the kids, birthdays. We might take a trip together, we’re finding our way in a beautiful, slow, respectful manner.”

“I’m just so lucky because she came into Will’s life and got to know my daughters very well and very real, saw all the warts and all the hearts, everything in between. Literally was like, ‘I choose you,'” she said. “It’s a miracle, and I know miracles exist because I was so devastated that our relationship didn’t work out because I wanted this.” Little Olive and Frankie were even flower girls at their dad’s wedding.