Celebrity Siblings Then & Now: The Olsen Twins, Willow & Jaden Smith, & More — See Pics Of Them Growing Up

From Kylie and Kendall Jenner blossoming into beauty and fashion icons to Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s ‘sweet’ transformations, see how some celeb siblings have grown up.

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Growing up in the spotlight can be challenging, but sometimes, it’s not so bad when you have a big sister or twin brother by your side. In fact, some of today’s biggest celebrities have been famous long before they could walk, talk, drive, or vote. Fans have been supporting these celebrity siblings for years, watching as they’ve taken their journey from child stars into adult superstars. Sometimes, these stars turn into something no one ever expected. After all, who could have predicted that the actresses behind Michelle Tanner would be two of the biggest names in fashion?

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen got famous with catchphrases like “You got it dude” and “You’re in big trouble, mister,” and the Full House stars would use this fame to launch a multi-million dollar entertainment empire. After leaving Hollywood behind in 2004, the Olsen Twins focused on the fashion industry, launching luxury brand The Row, lifestyle brand Elizabeth and James, and affordable fashion lines Olsenboye and StyleMint in the late 2000s.

Willow & Jada Smith, Then & Now (Shutterstock)

If talking major celebrity sibling transformations, one can’t overlook how much Kylie Jenner has grown from being the youngest member of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. From being a young sidekick on season 1, she and older sister Kendall Jenner grew up to practically steal the show. Kylie became the queen of social media, practically dominating Snapchat and Instagram before taking over the cosmetics world with her lip kits and makeup palettes. Kendall has found her own footing on the catwalk, growing up into a world-famous model. The Jenner sisters continue to expand their empire, and others only hope they could …keep up.

The Olsen Twins, Then & Now (Shutterstock)

However, not every celebrity sibling set undergoes such a radical metamorphosis. The Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Joe, and Nick – may not be the squeaky-clean, innocent boy of the Camp Rock movies, but they’ve grown up to be respectable, handsome, and caring, young men. Cole and Dylan Sprouse aren’t the rambunctious goofballs from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, but they still are involved in acting, with Cole playing Jughead on Riverdale and Dylan appearing in some feature films. Even though Miley and Noah Cyrus had their wild, rebellious phases, they’ve grown into the kind of creative, powerful, and confident women you’d thought they would be.

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