Britney Spears & More Stars Who’ve Had Wardrobe Malfunctions While Performing

Whoopsie! These celebs have had quite the scare on stage when they experienced wardrobe malfunctions while performing! Check it out!

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Being onstage in your underwear is everyone’s worst nightmare! Of course, for celebrity entertainers, many performance outfits are nothing more than skimpy lingerie, and the stars in the gallery above have experienced average folks’ worst fear while onstage. Whether it was severe camel toe or a nip slip, these stars managed to keep their cool while performing basically in the nude! “Chun-Li” singer, Nicki Minaj, 35, suffered an uncomfortable and very visible camel toe at this years’ BET Awards. The rapper didn’t let it get to her, though, and owned the wardrobe malfunction like a pro.

Oops she did it again! Britney Spears, 36, has had quite a few onstage wardrobe malfunctions in her day — especially as of late. With all that dancing onstage and the minimal coverage, it’s bound to happen! Britney gave quite a show on July 23 when her dress exposed her boob and her pasty! She kept it cool at her Radio City Music Hall show, though, and kept on dancing! This one wasn’t nearly as bad as the malfunction she experienced a few weeks prior in Maryland. Britney’s entire boob and nipple were exposed through her black bra and she didn’t even notice it until two minutes in — oops!

Poor Cardi B, 25, had a run in with a not so great wardrobe a few months ago VMA awards! Her boob came VERY close to popping out of her gorgeous pink dress while she gave a speech on stage. Thankfully, it didn’t happen, but man, it was close! An insider close to the rapper told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the time, “She got those amazing boobs for a reason, and that’s to show them off! Plus, she loves the attention more than anything! Cardi is far from the shy type, she loves to flash her God given goods at any opportunity she can, her body is awesome right now, she’s worked and worked to get that hard body and she’s really proud of it.” Sounds great to us!

To see more celeb wardrobe malfunctions while performing, click through the gallery above!

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