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Alan Jackson Has 3 Beautiful Daughters: Get to Know His Kids Mattie, Alexandra & Dani

The "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" singer is a country music hitmaker but prioritizes family time with his family. 

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Alan Jackson and wife Denise and their daughters Mattie, Alexandra and Dani
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Country music artist Alan Jackson is a family man. The “Blacktop” singer shares three incredible daughters with his wife, high school sweetheart Denise Jackson, and the family of five have a close relationship! That family is also getting bigger, as Alan is preparing to become a grandfather. His eldest daughter just announced that she’s pregnant with her first child.

Keep reading to learn more about Alan’s kids, Mattie, Alexandra, and Dani. 

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Mattie Jackson Selecman

Mattie was born in 1990 at the start of her father’s music career. The eldest Jackson child reportedly attended the University of Tennessee and is now married to her second husband, Connor Smith. Previously, Mattie experienced a devastating loss in 2018 when her first husband, Ben Selecman, died after sustaining a head injury. 

After finding love again with Connor, Mattie opened up to PEOPLE in 2021 about what her biggest fear was upon grieving the loss of Ben. 

“The thing I was the most afraid of is this fear of, ‘OK, am I going to leave our love behind? Am I going to forget and start to lose memories of things about him?’” Mattie explained. “[You have to] be brave enough to take new steps that feel very fragile and very scary. You don’t know what your future is going to look like, but you also must believe that you can bring that person that you’ve lost with you. That never goes away. The hardest thing is learning how to juggle moving forward and creating pockets of your own life that are different, while also bringing their memories and their hobbies and their people with you. It’s a strange balance, but it’s one that is really sweet once you learn how to hold both at once.” 

Mattie released her book, Lemons on Friday, at the time, and it explores the certified sommelier’s grief and personal journey. In 2022, Mattie announced her engagement to Connor via Instagram, one year before they tied the knot. 

“I have believed, prayed and claimed for [three] and a half years now that God would give me the chance to love someone with my whole heart again,” Mattie wrote in her emotional caption. “Other dear widow friends assured me that my heart could heal and expand to love two people equally, though differently. And I hoped so desperately that would really be true.” 

Mattie and her husband Connor announced that they’re expecting their first child on Thursday, February 8. She shared the announcement in a cute photo with her husband’s arms around her as she held the sonogram photos. “I feel like I said so many times last year that 2023 topped the charts with more joy and celebration and and redemption than any yet. Well, I have a feeling 2024 may give it a run for it’s money,” she said. “We are absolutely thrilled to share BABY BOY SMITH coming this June.”

Alexandra Jackson 

Alan and Denise’s second child, Alexandra, was born in 1993. She isn’t as much in the spotlight as her older sister, but Alexandra made headlines in 2013 when she was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and underage drinking. She took a plea deal that ordered her to complete community service as well as anger management. 

Dani Jackson 

Dani was born in 1997 and, like Alexandra, maintains her life away from the spotlight.