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Nikki Glaser Poses Completely Nude After Tom Brady Roast for New PETA Campaign

Shortly after the release of her new stand-up special, the 'Dancing With The Stars' alum showed support for PETA by appearing in a new campaign.

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Image Credit: Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Netflix

Fresh off the roast of Tom BradyNikki Glaser is standing up for animals in a new ad campaign for PETA, released on Wednesday, May 22. The comedian, 39, stripped down to pose completely nude as she encouraged fans to not wear animal skin and consider going vegan. The new campaign is based off of a rule that stand-up comedians know all too well: “Never steal someone else’s material.”

In the shot, Nikki was in front of a brick wall on a comedy club stage. She’s holding a microphone and has the mic stand in her other hand. Her leg is resting on the stool, as she sports a pair of sexy black high heels. Her signature blonde locks, cover her breasts as she poses nude for the photo. On her stomach, the phrase “Wear your own skin” is printed.

Nikki encouraged fans to ditch their animal-product clothes like leather in a video going along with the campaign, while roasting people who may worry about being less cool. “We really need to face the facts when it comes to how many animals are being mistreated so that you can look cool. By the way, you can still look cool just using other types of leather,” she said. “I know you’re scared, because you think you won’t look as cool without real leather things, but if that’s what your personality is dependent on, you need to go to therapy. I know you’re going to miss the things that you loved, but just because you like something doesn’t mean it’s right.”

The Someday You’ll Die comic also had some hilarious advice for people who aren’t willing to give going vegan a try. “I know that if people knew what it took to make the clothes that you wear that are made from animals and eat the foods that are made from animals that you eat, you wouldn’t do it,” she said. “If you become vegan and you really miss the animal cruelty that you used to once take part in, just kick your dog or something, cause it’s literally  the same thing.”

Nikki has been vegan since 2016. She opened up about trying to find unique ways to do jokes about being vegan in a non-hack way in a 2020 interview with The Beet. “One thing about vegans is they don’t have a very good sense of humor about it. So I’m challenging myself in my next hour of stand-up to find a way to speak about these issues in a way that doesn’t make people want to tune me out,” she said.