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Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War — Cheat Sheet and Tips

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Disney as the intellectual property holder couldn’t be prouder of a brainchild of the joycity, the game based on a movie series by the same name, where you’ll be a shrewd pirate captain, traversing perilous waters on your way to glory.

Are you ready to lead teams, prey on other captains, and scamper to greatness as you conquer the oceans and accumulate wealth? You can join forces with other pirate captains, build a base of operations, and hire notorious marauders to combat supernatural creatures and other pirates. Seize the reins, plunder, and steer your course on the magnificent Black Pearl with this cheat sheet and these tips!

Understanding the Game’s Basics


As Captain Jack Sparrow, your goal is to build a pirate island in the Caribbean and decide whether to conquer the seas alone or with a pirate alliance. Here’s a peek into what makes a would-be pirate successful in this web game published by101XP.

Create a diverse crew and team of captains

Assemble a distinctive team of captains, each possessing different seafaring and attacking abilities. The opportunity to complete quests and select events allows you to identify the pirate activities that best fit your playing style. Then, gather your captains and crew to hunt for fame and enormous wealth in the sea.

Coordinate fleet raids

It’s impossible to find anything more lucrative and entertaining than teaming with other gamers to coordinate attacks against even larger fleets in the Caribbean Sea. Use all tools to control the sea monsters and unleash wrath on unwary adversarial ships. Take possession of their wealth and grab it for yourself!

Make your home a fortress

The game allows you to utilize talents to create an impenetrable refuge. Build various ships in your stronghold, each with particular capabilities and defining features. Spend your hard-earned loot well—build powerful equipment, trade, improve your ships, or beautify your base. However, you cannot become so engrossed in the pleasures of your booty that you lose sight of the opposing forces. At any one time, several rogues are nearby, hunting for easy targets, ready to attack.

Remember, friendships never sink

Across the great waters of the pirate-infested Caribbean, you have two options: join well-established coalitions of experienced buccaneers or risk creating your own and forging relationships with pirates worldwide. Join newfound allies on daring excursions to hunt down mythical sea creatures who instill terror in seafarers. 

Embark on daring raids into busy port cities, where the promise of immense riches awaits the brave. Despite the stormy seas and ever-shifting tides of fate, remember the solid support of your allies—lean on them in moments of greatest need; they’ll be by your side.

Cracking the code, a Secret Cheat Sheet 

The gameplay mirrors the treacherous action-packed thrill the movie brought to the screen. As you sail the turbulent waters, perfect the art of piratery, and grow your empire, your most significant assets will be your strategic insight and cunning.

Here’s what you should know:

Play on to find Aztec treasures

Keep playing to uncover these treasures, which you can find mostly through monster hunting. Amass higher-level prizes by defeating advanced monsters. Another method exists, though, such as scooping prizes from events. 

Head to the Lair once you’ve been raided

Even if you’re a captain living the high life while creating an empire that spans the seven seas, you’ll eventually become a plunder victim. Fortunately, you can recover by proceeding to the Lair immediately. 

Pull some troops back into your squad and begin rebuilding because some would have sought refuge there during the enemy’s invasion. Your loot hoard will also have been lost, but you might recover part of it by playing the dice game at Crow’s Nest Inn.

Find better methods to upgrade tiers and equipment

If you haven’t worked out how to utilize the salvage kits and obtain helmets, this is what you should know. There are two methods to get the helmets: defeat specific level monsters or open chests (alliance, material, and headgear equipment containers). Salvage kits reduce the amount of money required to rebuild your damaged ships. One kit is worth 100 gold.

Get the free money!

The game asks a prospective officer how much they would want to be paid before you can recruit them. Once they make an offer, you have three choices: “fine,” “too much,” and “no thanks.” 

If the amount is too much, tell him to reduce it or you’ll cease negotiations if it gets increasingly heated. If you keep telling the officer they’re asking for too much, they might finally offer a lower payment for you to hire them.

Tips for Success in the Game


This game will test your ingenuity, decision-making, and invention as you build your pirate fortress and enlist notorious invaders to fight strange animals and other pirates. Here are some tricks that will keep you from being on the wrong side of the pirates’ world.

Don’t just play hard; play smarter

Above all, remember to stay protected. To prevent raids, finish your daily activities, obtain shields, and keep them. Be realistic about the damages and injuries your squad will sustain during conflicts, even if they’ll beat certain creatures, marine vessels, and territories beyond their level. 

Pro Tip: Avoid attacking monsters or commercial vessels if your attacks have caused at least ten to fifteen injuries on your team.

Maintain consistency in building your levels

Although it’s tempting to keep upgrading your fortress, you may lag behind in assembling critical resources for your team. Therefore, be sure that you upgrade everything simultaneously so that your crew gets the most recent ships and weapons. It prevents you from being picked with ease. 

Recruit troops continuously

An abundance of fighters is advantageous in a war game. A large squad makes it easier to launch attacks, defend against attacks, and replace those who sadly die. If you constantly recruit new troops, you’ll never run out of defensive soldiers or people to man the ships, hence increasing your winning chances.

Keep making fresh items for your troops

Regularly making fresh items is the most effective way to win bonuses in various raiding and fortress defense cases. This is important because some items provide you with:

  • Buffs on your ship’s damage
  • A boost in onboarding troops’ battles
  • Improvements to your fortifications
  • The capacity to raise the fire rates of your ship

Nonetheless, if you’re consistently producing new items, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll own a higher-tier object, raising the percentages of buffs applied to that particular item.

Always empty your resource depots

Owning a resource depot doesn’t necessarily mean its contents will fall into your vault or coffers. Instead, it’s retained until you click on the depot. As such, they’ll only generate resources if you empty your depots into your storage immediately after they fill up. Hence, even if your depots aren’t full, always empty them to ensure they’re constantly generating resources, therefore drastically lowering the likelihood that you would run out.

Set sail and embark on your treasure hunt, and you’re bound to succeed because the code is already cracked for you. Play Pirates of the Caribbean now to start waging battles while leading a savage crew across the Caribbean!