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Chris Redding Creates Album to Communicate With Nonverbal Autistic Son

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Chris Redding
Image Credit: Chris Redding

Chris Redding, a renowned recording artist, songwriter, and producer, is making headlines with his latest studio album, Visions of Sounds. This innovative project not only blends Ambient Chant, Hip-Hop, and R&B rhythms but also serves as a significant milestone in his journey of connecting with his nonverbal autistic son.

Championing Neurodiversity

Inspired by his personal experiences, Redding has carefully crafted an album that deeply resonates with neurodivergent individuals. Having been diagnosed with ADHD and experiencing synesthesia himself, he intimately understands the obstacles faced by those with neurodivergent traits. However, it was his son’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that propelled him to advocate even more fervently for neurodiversity.

Chris Redding
Chris Redding

“Creating my album ‘Visions of Sounds’ has been a transformative journey, especially in communicating with my nonverbal son. Through the power of music, I’ve found a way to connect with him on a deeper level, easing his meltdowns and fostering understanding. The overwhelming support from people around the world has not only shined light on my efforts but also reinforced the importance of acceptance and embracing all neurotypes, and their unique styles of communication. Our story is a testament to the universal language of music and the boundless love between a parent and child.”

Chris Redding
Chris Redding

Reflecting on his upbringing, Redding reveals, “I often felt like I didn’t belong or wasn’t understood in certain settings.” Now, as a father of a neurodivergent child, it’s imperative for me to fully support my son’s uniqueness and continue championing for him and the entire neurodivergent community.”

Celebrating Diversity Through “Visions of Sounds”

Through “Visions of Sounds,” Redding aims to challenge societal norms and celebrate the richness of diversity. The album ingeniously incorporates elements such as stimming sounds, vocal echolalia, and repetitive patterns associated with neurodivergence, offering a sanctuary where every listener can experience the therapeutic and transformative essence of music.

“Visions Of Sounds” features collaborations with Grammy award-winning producers like Karl Rubin, Dr. Jeffery Redding, and Dubba-AA. The album also features artists like Ms. Mekanism, Michelle Jones, SamTRax, Jimmy Nusoul, Yung Garah, and Jordan Aboderin. The album single, “Love Over Here,” has already captivated audiences in regions spanning Africa, Europe, and North and South America, igniting a popular dance challenge that sparks awareness and acceptance through Redding’s groundbreaking sound.

In a world that often pressures individuals to conform, Visions of Sounds stands as a poignant reminder of the beauty found in embracing diversity. Through his music, Chris Redding extends an invitation to listeners to honor their differences and discover harmony in the universal language of melody and rhythm.