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How Nicolet Law Is Uplifting Families in the Midwest

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Russell Nicolet
Image Credit: Russell Nicolet

Russell Nicolet became a lawyer because he wanted to help people. He watched others claim to help in ways that seemed superficial, he realized that through law, he could effect meaningful change in people’s lives. At Nicolet Law, he gets to do that every day. Nicolet Law specializes in personal injury, helping families and individuals all over the Midwest regain control over their lives.

When he started Nicolet Law, Nicolet was a young lawyer with big goals. He was the first lawyer in his family and worked extra hard to make up for not knowing what the lifestyle of a lawyer looked like. He studied each case that came to him in detail, wanting to ensure that he was doing everything he could for every client. Hours were spent in the Washington County Law Library, obsessing over solving his clients’ problems. The satisfaction that Nicolet felt when he was able to win a case for a client made all of the hard work worth it.

Nicolet worked on his own while also studying his role models. When he went into the personal injury field, the pool of lawyers he could learn from became more exclusive, yet it offered him the chance to engage with some of the most accomplished experts in the niche. He decided to get more involved in the personal injury community and traveled to Florida, New York, Georgia, and California several times to train with the best lawyers the country has to offer. Nicolet often ended up opposing these lawyers in court, but he learned from them on both sides of the courtroom. Absorbing knowledge from these top lawyers and bringing it home with him to his firm in the Midwest helped Nicolet Law become the expert firm it is today.

Russell Nicolet
Russell Nicolet

Since then, Nicolet Law has expanded to serve three different states with dozens of employees. Nicolet himself has been named one of the National Trial Lawyers Association’s Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers, and Top 100 Trial Lawyers, as well as a SuperLawyer by SuperLawyers Magazine. He has been fortunate enough to settle several verdicts, including some of the largest amounts awarded in those counties. He is proud to serve the Midwest and call it home, knowing intimately how hard-working its people are, and that they deserve someone to stand up for them in court. 

In the future, Nicolet Law will continue to represent injured folks in the Midwest and hold large companies accountable for those injuries. Nicolet plans to keep growing the firm to help as many people as possible. His mission has always been to uplift those struck down by injury, ensuring that they get the settlement and support they deserve from insurance companies.\

Midwesterners should feel relieved that Nicolet Law is on their side. Nicolet has worked hard to become the best lawyer he can be because hard-working people deserve the best. His commitment to growing his firm and continuously learning from other trial lawyers has made him and his firm a force to be reckoned with. Nicolet has always wanted to help people and has found an impactful way to do so.