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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Discusses Late Mother Dee Dee in New Video 9 Years After Her Murder

Gypsy Rose Blanchard admitted that she would say a "prayer" for her mom Dee Dee Blanchard in a Mother's Day video, where she also shouted out the women who she considered to be mother figures.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard took some time to speak about her late mom Dee Dee Blanchard in a video on Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12. In the video, Gypsy, 32, shouted out her stepmom Kristy, her Aunt Vicky, as well as her boyfriend Ken Urker’s mother on the holiday, but before she spoke about the qualities that she loves about both of them, she addressed the elephant in the room and spoke about her current thoughts on her late mother in the video. “Hey, so today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to make a video, basically celebrating the really strong and wonderful women that I have in my life that have been mother figures to me over the last eight and a half years,” she said at the start of the clip.

Gypsy was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of her mother Dee Dee. Dee Dee has been posthumously speculated to have had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which is when a parent or guardian of a child makes up symptoms to make it seem like their child is sick. Gypsy was not ill, but she underwent much treatment for various disorders after her mother brought her to doctors. Gypsy’s then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn stabbed Dee Dee 17 times in June 2015. Nicholas received a life sentence. Gypsy was sentenced to 10 years in prison but released after eight years with parole in December 2023. Shortly after her release, Gypsy was the subject of the documentary The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Lifetime.


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Gypsy had the comments turned off, and before she opened up about her mom, Gypsy explained why. “I don’t want to hear any negative bulls**t. If you want to talk s**t about me me, by all means, I don’t give an eff. Go do it on your own platform, but I’m not going to see it in my comments,” she said.

After explaining why the comments were off, Gypsy explained how she chooses to think about Dee Dee on Mother’s Day. “It does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother’s Day, and what I choose to feel on Mother’s Day, regarding my own mother, is that I think the best of her. I think about the good times. I think about her as not what she did to me, but I think about her as a person,” she said. “Was she a good mom? No. Was she the best mom in the world? No. But, she was still my mom, so what I choose to think about her, whether that be guilt, anger, grief, resentment, whatever, that’s mine to feel.”

As Gypsy continued, she said that she explained that she tries to not let anyone else’s thoughts about her mom sway her own opinion. “No one can take away my own feelings about my own mother, and I feel like nobody should be able to have an opinion about my mother, except for her family and me, because we were the people closes to her. Everybody else does not matter,” she said.

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Despite having an extremely complicated relationship with her mom, Gypsy said that she tries to think of the good times, saying that she hopes that her mother looks down on her in a positive light. “I choose to remember her for the good that was in her heart that I truly believe was there. I have been working for years on forgiveness, and I hope that she is in heaven, and I hope that to some degree I make her proud of at least some of the achievements that I’ve made in life in growing up and standing on my own two feet, learning through experiences,” she said. “In heaven, they say that all mental afflictions, all physical afflictions are gone, right? God makes you perfect in heaven, so if you take away the mental afflictions that my mother had, then, I think that what’s left is a good person.”

Before pivoting to speaking about the other “mother figures” in her life, Gypsy said that she’s going to keep her mom in her thoughts for Mother’s Day. “I will say a prayer for her today,” she told followers.