Ryan Gosling & Mikey Day Dress Up as ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ Again at ‘Fall Guy’ Premiere After ‘SNL’ Sketch: Photos

The 'Barbie' star reunited with Mikey Day to wear the same costumes as the classic 90s cartoon as the premiere of his new movie.

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Image Credit: Kayla Oaddams/FilmMagic

Ryan Gosling and Mikey Day looked, uh, pretty cool, huh, Butt-head? The actors both sported their costumes from a recent Saturday Night Live sketch as they attended the premiere of Ryan’s new movie Fall Guy on Tuesday, April 30. Ryan, 43, and Mikey, 44, dressed up as Beavis and Butt-Head, respectively, as they walked the red carpet at the event.

Both of the actors sported long tube socks and black sneakers for the red carpet event. Ryan had a huge blonde pompadour wig to resemble Beavis’ iconic hair style. He also sported a blue t-shirt with the phrase “Death Rock” on it as well as black shorts. Mikey had a charcoal black shirt with “Skull” and red shorts. He also rocked a brown wig, which was styled up, and he flipped his lips so that his gums were exposed with braces, similar to Butt-Head. Even though in the show Beavis and Butt-Head wear Metallica and AC/DC shirts, much of their merch have the “Death Rock” and “Skull” branding.


The two actors first debuted their costumes inspired by the 90s cartoon in an SNL sketch when Ryan hosted on April 13. In the skit, Kenan Thompson plays a professor, giving a lecture on the dangers of artificial intelligence, when he’s distracted by Ryan and Mikey, because of their resemblance to Beavis and Butt-Head. While both of them claim to not know the show, their laughs do resemble the characters, and viewers tweet references to the show, further derailing the discussion. The clip was truly hilarious, and it even led to many members of the cast breaking character to laugh during the live airing. The sketch was a hit, and it racked up over 13 million views on YouTube at the time of publication.

While Ryan’s Beavis-inspired look was definitely attention-grabbing, it was not the only outfit that he wore to the Fall Guy premiere! He also sported a pastel green suit to the red carpet, where he posed with his co-star Emily Blunt, who rocked a stunning orange dress.