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Mama June Shannon Reveals She’s Taking Weight Loss Medication

The reality star opened up about beginning to use semaglutide to assist her on her weight loss journey in a new Instagram video.

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Mama June Shannon admitted that she was beginning to undergo treatment using semaglutide for weight loss in a new Instagram video on Tuesday, April 16. The reality star, 44, shared that she was beginning the process for semaglutide, and she shouted out her doctor for beginning this journey for her. “Come along with me as I go through this journey I know a lot of y’all are on similar journeys so let’s do it together,” she wrote in her caption, as she asked for others to share their stories.

Mama June admitted to undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2015, and she walked through how her weight has fluctuated over the years. “I used to weigh 550 pounds. So on my own, I went from 550 pounds to 311, the day that I had my surgery. And in six weeks, I went from 311 all the way down to 195,” she said, via E! News.

She also explained that she put some weight back on, while she was helping care for her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell during her cancer battle, which she died from at 29 in December 2023. “With the stress of everything going on, eating out, not eating right, just all kinds of stuff, I had packed on about 120, 130 pounds,” she said.

June explained that she had tried different methods to change her weight, but she wasn’t having much luck. She then approached a doctor about getting a prescription for semaglutide, which is a drug commonly sold under names like Ozempic, Wegovy, and others. She shouted out her doctor and said that she thought that she was incredibly helpful in making the decision to go on the weight loss medication.

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June promised to keep fans up to date on all of her feelings and results while going through the weight loss drug. “Every week I’m going to come on here and give you my good, bad, indifferent, everything and we are going through this journey together,” she said. June then gave fans a look at what she looks like before starting the medication, and then she included the video of her doing the injection.