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After Shy Beginnings, Actor Tarek Ghadban Makes Huge Strides

Tarek Ghadban hasn’t always possessed the confidence he has today. As a shy teenager, he struggled to break down the barriers that prevented him from chasing his dreams to the point where, at just thirteen, he auditioned for “Notre Damme De Paris” at the Antonine International School in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, where he studied.

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Tarek Ghadban
Image Credit: Courtesy Tarek Ghadban

Though his shyness prevented him from succeeding in his audition, he didn’t stop attending the rehearsals after that. He would attend each session for two weeks, being the first one to arrive and then the last to leave. Ten rehearsals in, one of the lead actors stopped showing up—and the next thing Ghadban knew, he was playing one of the main characters in “Notre Dame de Paris.”

“My parents always supported me, and wanted what’s best for me,” he says. “When I first mentioned I wanted to be an actor, they weren’t that excited to hear about it, because where I come from, the film industry wasn’t a big thing.”

He remembers the adrenaline he felt after that first show ended, how great he felt, and how great the feedback he received happened to be. The most important thing was when he and his family arrived home, and both his parents said they saw what he was capable of. “You’re gonna be a great actor,” they said.

That destiny became true for Tarek Ghadban, who starred in the show Al Hayba, which is currently streaming on Netflix and other platforms and is a big hit in the Arab world. His studies at the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory helped him hone his craft and succeed in all fourteen episodes of a show called تحدي النفود that took place in Neom, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I will always make sure that the job is fully done,” Ghadban states. “I will deliver what people want. I will work day and night, go the extra mile, research everything to bring the character to its full potential.”

Ghadban’s ability to work seamlessly with fellow cast members, directors, and production crews contributes to a project’s overall success and harmony. He says, “The feeling I get every time I take on a new character to bring to life is just beautiful.”

Ghadban’s biggest inspiration is his parents, and making his family proud is one of the driving forces that allows him to continue in what many would consider a tumultuous career. However, despite the obstacles that lie before him, Ghadban says he sees a bright future for himself.

“I see myself touring the world for the movies I star in. Sitting at the Oscars waiting to go up on stage to give my winning speech. Inspiring a lot of people out there to never give up on their dreams. Anything is possible in life, when you really believe it and work for it.”

Tarek Ghadban’s goal is to put smiles on faces and help others through his work. Whether it’s through acting on television or doing commercials for Pepsi and Lays, his goal is to keep trying his best and not stop before he makes it big.